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The Truth Comes Out

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It has now been made public that the Sabres GM Darcy Regier is shopping forwards Derek Roy, Drew Stafford, and Brad Boyes around to many teams. Which teams, we do not know, but this information comes per ESPN's Pierre LeBrun. Regier is reportedly shopping these top 6 forwards in hope of getting another top 6 forward in return.

Derek Roy is the player I would be the most reluctant to part with. Not because he's the best of the bunch, but because he's a center. And he's the best one we got, like it or not. If we trade Roy, whether it's solo or as a package, the Sabres better be getting a center back in return. Even if it isnt Roy that gets traded I still think that the return better be a center. This season has shown how important it is to have confident and competent centers in this league.

This season has made me appreciate the time Tim Connolly spent as a center for the Sabres. He was constantly ripped for all the things he wasn't, when he should have been praised for what he was. He solidified the Sabres up the middle. He contributed offensively with solid numbers while also being responsible in his own end. He was a monster on the PK, and had great vision for the PP. In the end though, it was the bar set by Chris Drury and Danny Briere that led to his demise.

The magic captured by the Sabres teams captained by Drury and Briere have set the bar so high it puts tremendous pressure on players by the fans. Any trade that happens will just bring in an other player that will feel the crushing weight of this pressure. At the end of the day it is up to the players of the Buffalo Sabres to find a way to overcome that pressure. They need to play together as a band of brothers, playing not only for themselves, but for each other as well.

If any changes happen to this roster, it will only really matter if a change in attitude happens along with it. A change in the culture of that locker room has to take place, or the Sabres will be looking at a lottery pick this year.
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