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Figured I'd right a quick blog about what happened with Ryan Miller before I head off to work. Miller got pulled after allowing 5 goals through roughly 25 minutes of play in front of his friends and family who were in attendance.

After the game we saw the same type of fire and emotion from Ryan Miller when he got ran by Milan Lucic. When asked about if the Sabres players were waiting for Darcy to make a move he started out with the typical response, but then the emotion revved up. He went on to say how theres no magic button that could fix this team and that nothing from the outside is going to fix it, it has to come from within.

When Miller said from within he pointed to his heart. I get the feeling that Miller feels just like so many of us fans do, and that is that this team has essentially given up. His brother Drew Miller said something similar. Saying how a lot of people want to blame Miller, but there is a much bigger picture going on inside the Sabres locker room.

It just begs the question, "Has Lindy Ruff lost control of this team?" I think the answer is a glaring yes. Game after game now the Sabres show little to no compete level. They play sloppy and uninspired. That rests on a coaches shoulders. I'm not saying Lindy Ruff is a bad coach, but hes not the right one for this group.

Unfortunately Darcy Regier has said as long as he is the GM for the Buffalo Sabres, Lindy Ruff will be his coach. And to top that Sabres owner Terry Pegula said at his introductory speech when he first bought the team that he will not fire the coach and GM tandem. I honestly think that that was just to show the organization that they have his support from the start. Terry Pegula like all of us here is first an foremost a fan before an owner. He's going to have a breaking point, and I think it could be as soon as the all star break coming up. At least that is what many sources around the sports media are reporting.

Whether it be through, trading, coaching change, or management change, it is clear that the Buffalo Sabres are in desperate need of a culture change inside that locker room.
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