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I miss seeing the Leafs play the Wings.

When the Leafs moved to the east, I knew that I would see less of them but thanks to this wonderful new schedule, I never get to see those two teams play. For me, they are right up there with Leafs/Habs or Leafs/Sens games. Always good regular season games and playoff games. I hope that with the new schedule for next season, this is one of the teams that will get to see more of.

As for tonight's game, from what I have heard on am640, this most likely will be the lines:


Raycroft - starting

I have no idea on which D outside of hearing that Woz and Kronwall will play. My guess is that Mccabe, Kabby, Kubina, Gill will be there somewhere.


As pre-season is just about to end, I would like to share my thoughts on the Center Ice online that has been a free preview for the last little while. It is amazing. I never have a problem with the streaming and flipping through 4 games is nice. It even looks good when I have my tv hooked up to the computer. But I am glad that Center Ice on Shaw will be kicking in soon. Even if my girlfriend isn't that impressed.

September 28, 2007 1:17 PM ET | Delete
I agree with you on the Red Wings and Leafs having a good rivalry. Now the only chance to play them is in the final, which would be a terrific series, but the odds of that happening are somewhere below zero.As for the lineups, that actually doesn't look too bad. If we go with that as our regulars I could see Wellwood taking over the second line and just bumping Stajan to third and Pohl to fourth and Newbury to the Marlies. When Bell comes back that will create a bit of an issue...Although Tucker - Kilger - Bell would be a pretty good crash and bang unit with lots of offensive upside. It's just a matter of what to do with the odd man out...which is probably Poni or Stajan. But by that time we'll likely have an injury hole to fill.Blake - Sundin - AntroSteen - Wellwood - PoniTucker - Kilger - BellBattaglia - Pohl - DevereauxStajan takes over for whoever is hurt, 2nd line or lower.
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