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Leafs vs Habs Real-Time Random Thoughts

7:00 - Here we go....cue Hockey Night In Canada. Win or lose, should be a great game. I’m excited!

7:12 – R.I.P. Burnsy. You were a helluva coach and an even better man.

7:23 - Good fast pace to start the game. I expect a tight, low-scoring game. Shootout maybe???

7:32 – Ugh, why are the Leafs so terrible with the puck in their own zone? These giveaways are going to kill them.

7:38 – I don’t get it. The Leafs 1st line just had a great shift right before a commercial break. Everyone is rested and Wilson puts on the 4th line for an offensive zone face-off. Doesn’t make sense to me.

7:45 – Is Bob Cole finally going blind? The Leafs have the puck in the offensive zone, Kulemin gets clearly hooked, referee’s arm goes up and STAYS UP for at least five seconds before a Hab touches the puck and the whistle blows. Cole: “And the Leafs are getting a penalty. Montreal will get its first power play when we return.”

7:47 – Geez, maybe Cole was right. It looks like Montreal is the team on the power play. They’ve had three short-handed scoring chances already.

7:53 – 1st period is done. The Leafs looked a little sloppy. Let’s hope they pick it up in the 2nd. Ist period star: Jonas Gustavsson. It could have been 3-0 Montreal if not for the Monster.

8:03 – Nasty habits. If it were any other coach, Grapes wouldn’t have ranted like that. But it’s Ron Wilson.

8:13 – Two good shifts to start the 2nd. Let’s keep it up. Hey, you think Grabovski and Kostitsyn will finally drop the gloves tonight? Ah, probably not.

8:22 – Geez, the Leafs are terrible on face-offs. Don’t they know that puck possession is 9/10ths of the law? Or something like that....

8:26 – Kadri – Bozak – Kessel line looks pretty good, lots of chances. They just have to finish.

8:29 – Bob Cole after a big save on Versteeg: “Carey Price, what are you doing?!” LOL

8:30 – Short-handed goal. Nice deflection by Jeff Halpern, but the Leafs’ inability to win face-offs tonight finally bites’em in the rear. I’m wondering why the face-off was deep in the Leafs’ zone though. The offside was unintentional. Oh well.

8:35 – I think Bob Cole really is going blind. I’ve counted four times when he’s called a player ‘Kessel’ and he wasn’t even on the ice. Okay, I know play-by-play men are trained by looking at the players’ number, but really? Phil Kessel is probably the most easily recognizable player on the ice. From his skating, to his right-handed white blade, to his #81, you know when he has the puck.

8:41 – Ever notice how many of the Leafs’ breakout passes are in their feet instead of on their sticks? That causes so many turnovers. It’s annoying.

8:47 – It looks as though Wilson is starting to juggle the lines, not sure why. They’re getting chances, just can’t beat Price.

8:49 – 2nd period is done. 1-0 Montreal. The Leafs looked better this period but fell behind on a short-handed goal. 2nd period star: Carey Price. He preserved the lead.

8:52 – I switch over to Leafs TV. Hey, the Marlies are beating the Hamilton Bulldogs 2-0. At least something is going right.

8:57 – Anybody else tired of hearing the name Colin Campbell yet???

8:59 – Woah, almost forgot to set my PVR for the UFC 123 Prelims on SportsNet. For the record, I say Lyoto Machida beats Rampage Jackson in the 2nd round and BJ Penn submits Matt Hughes in the 1st.

9:15 – Big PK here for the Leafs.

9:18 – Well, they almost killed it. Nice pass, Komisarek.

9:22 – Leafs PP. They need to score here or I think it’s game over.

9:24 – Ugh, stop trying to be so cute. Just shoot and get traffic in front!

9:27 – I’m sorry, I really don’t like Francois Beauchemin whatsoever. He makes some really bad decisions with the puck and some really stupid mistakes. Why he continues to be the leader in ice-time game after game is beyond me. If it’s at all possible for Burkie to land Setoguchi or someone like him for Beauchemin, I say good riddance.

9:32 – Is it just me, or is Kris Versteeg like a younger, cheaper, right-handed version of Jason Blake? He has some nice moves, makes some decent plays, then either loses the puck or shoots from the perimeter.

9:34 – Oh my God! Kulemin robbed in front! How the hell did that stay out???

9:42 – Game over. 2-0 final. The game was high-octane and low-scoring, as expected, but I didn’t think there’d be a shutout. Good effort on both sides though. Carey Price is the undisputed #1 Star. The Leafs played well, had some good chances, but just couldn’t bulge the twine. It’s like deja vu all over again.
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November 21, 2010 7:34 PM ET | Delete
Nice analysis but really tired of hearing about the Blake/Versteeg comparison. The only thing they had in common was that they were new Leafs who had some hype but failed to live up to it. For Versteeg though, he is now starting to live up to the hype where Blake was never able to do that. Versteeg is more of a play maker, has a more accurate shot, is cheaper, younger,bigger, better at controling the puck, smarter, and all around better player.
December 11, 2010 12:45 PM ET | Delete
the leafs need to make some drastic changes starting with management. trade:beauch for lupuldrop giguere and gustavsson for roloson and grab vokoun at end of seasongrab frolov from NY and semin from wash on grabovski linelupul bozak kessel second linegrab wisniewski from Isles.macarthur kadri kulemin third linenow that's the start of a young solid team. And stop trading away draft picks idiots!
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