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I can't believe the nads on Mario Lemieux, kidnapping Sam Gagner and posing as him for a couple games just to finally break one of Gretzky's records......gotta hand it to the Magnificent One though, he looks pretty good hanging with those kids.

Seriously though, imagine if Brian Burke has been talking to Edmonton about Gagner before all this, as has been mildly rumoured? He'd be furious right now since the asking price has surely gone up! And since it looks like it'll be another boring Sunday sports-wise (nothing going on, right?), Burkie might just pay that premium and make another one of his famous Sunday splashes.....he's going to trade for Sam Gagner just in time to face the Oilers on Monday night. How's that for a storyline? Actually, he'll make the deal just so the red-hot James Reimer won't have to face the current Midas of the NHL just when he's getting his swagger back. You heard it here first!

On that note, great game Saturday night for the Boys in Blue and White! Optimus Reim seems to have returned to form and Luke Schenn arguably played his best game of the year, scoring a goal on a great decision to jump in from the point and laying out a few bodies without taking penalties. Let's hope he too has turned the corner, whether it be for our immediate benefit or that of whichever team decides to give up a top-six forward for his services, whose value like Gagner's, may be increasing with every game.

P.S. Burkie, want to make a real splash, get Grabo signed asap! Please! This kid is only going to get better.....
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February 5, 2012 9:57 AM ET | Delete
I'd like to see something done real soon. I love how the teams playing but we still need one more top forward to seriously make a push to not only make the playoffs, but to potentially do some damage.
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February 5, 2012 11:43 AM ET | Delete
I agree Joe. But I think we don'y necessarily need that high-priced sniper top-six forward. We need the top-six forward with a little bit of grit and that veteran presence that can take a leadership role and can put the puck in the net at the same time. Someone Messier-like. Question is, who is of that ilk and what would the price be???
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February 6, 2012 10:11 AM ET | Delete
If he is going to have a believable disguise he is going to need to borrow some stilts.
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