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Oilers Bounce Back

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So with the strance absence of Richard amongst the halls of Hockeybuzz I got bored and decided to write a blog for myself talking about the rollercoaster ride that has been the Edmonton Oilers.

First off the Penner trade, this is going to be an interesting one folks that people are going to argue about for the next couple years. Short term is obvious, LA was handed a silver platter and seemingly tossed the Oil a couple scraps. A prospect who at the moment seems like he'll never amount to more than being a 5/6 in the NHL and the Kings 1st round draft pick this summer (which is looking to be about 15th). In my own opinion the big question is the 1st rounder. Personally I think this is going to be used in a package deal with another team to either acquire a veteran d-man or possibly a higher draft pick.

Than tragedy began, before fans even had time to process the loss of their potential 30 goal scorer, Hemsky bites the dust. Still wishing Hemsky was the one shipped off instead of Penner, true Hemsky brings his A game everyday but I'm just waiting for the career ending injury that may come due to his risky play.

But worse than all of this was Hall's game against the Jackets. Once again Hall was easily the best player on either team that night, a goal, an assist, and then gets called to the box...and then something scary happened. It looked like every game of Hall getting pushed around, checked, and man handled all came at him at once and the moment his skates touched the ice again he was a changed player and had his first Gordie Howe after a spirited fight with Derek Dorsett. And we all know the story from there...

So how come Edmonton is still winning?

It was one game against a disheartened Avalanche. But Edmonton came out playing strong, physical hockey. It looks like the Oil quickly realized how much each of them were going to have to step up with the loss of their top 3 goal scorers. I think there's going to still be some exciting hockey left in this season from Edmonton. My question to leave you all with now, which player do you think is going to step up the most in the 17 games the Oilers have left?

Have a good one.
March 6, 2011 11:00 PM ET | Delete
eberle is gonna step it up
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