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Tonight the Oilers played the Flames in Edmonton and at the same time we had the Oilers playing the Flames in Calgary. I debated on which game I wanted to zero in on and in the end I chose the Edmonton home game to see Strome with McDavid as well as to watch Jesse Puljujarvi. Here are the good and bad things from the game. Everything I am about to say should be preceded by the phrase "It's only the first preseason game."



THE L WORDS: Letestu continues to be the elite goal scorer we all know he is with an even strength and PP goal. Prospects Laleggia and Lagesson also impressed. Lagesson reminds me Davidson with his ability to make the simple and effective play. Laleggia caught my eye a couple times and he was not afraid to get in the faces of the Flames.

STROME: Strome seemed to work well with McDavid and Maroon. His PP goal was simply going to the net (I wonder if long term we see him and Maroon playing the same role on separate units) he seemed to carry the puck into the offensive zone well and nice to see him taking shots.

Penalties? PENALTIES!: This will be an interesting story to watch. The refs were calling anything involving a stick above the waist. The league said they wanted to call these plays more and while it's only one preseason game it is certainly a step in the right direction.

NURSE STEPPIN UP: Nurse looked sharp all night. He was able to jump into the play and had some hard shots towards the net (his accuracy still needs work) but it was nice to see that was wasn't too chaotic in his own zone. Assuming he and Gryba will start the year as the bottom pairing.


PULJUJARVI FRUSTRATED: I will double down on my original statement: this is only the first preseason game but I was hoping to see more from young Jesse. He was overskating and never really looked to be in position. There was a moment in the second period where he got a weak shot on net and his frustration was visible.

SECOND PERIOD WOES: I am guessing Too McLellan will not be happy with his team's second period performance. The team as a whole took their foot off the gas and got out shot badly. The coach wants to instill a certain work ethic into his team and it shouldn't matter if it's preseason or the playoffs.

OILERS STREAM: I mean come on guys how hard is it to get a live stream to work.


- It's early but were Flames fans hyperventilating seeing Smith let in that long shot from Auvitu?
- I do not think Yamamoto should make the team this season but wow that goal was a beauty. If Puljujarvi continues to struggle and if Yamamoto can keep doing that against NHL players things could get tricky.
- Draisaitl laid out a couple good hits and I was very impressed with his 5 against 1 battle that led to the Yamamoto goal.
- McLellan called Caggiula out on the first day of training camp for not being sharp. He responded with a goal in the intersquad game yesterday and 2 more goals against Calgary tonight. Message received.

The Oilers are back at it Wednesday the 20th in Winnipeg. I imagine we will see at least 10 players sent down before that game.

Thanks for reading!
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September 18, 2017 11:58 PM ET | Delete
Good wrap up. Letestu and Caggs going to have great years along with Strome.
September 19, 2017 1:01 AM ET | Delete
I was disappointed in Puljujarvi as well. He got worse as the game went on... Bad positioning, slow, and his shot was sh1tty.
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