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Oooooooh boy it's going to be a long summer.

A few days ago Chiarelli had his media avail. I thought Todd McLellan did an admirable job. He took responsibility for his actions, spent time defending some decisions while apologizing for others, and overall gave an idea of what he expects of the team moving forward.

Everything that Chiarelli didn't do.

Bye Bye Todd?

For a GM who a couple short months ago public ally stated that he would not be firing his coach it certainly felt like he has made a 180 on that decision. Chiarelli wasted no time in explaining that the entire coaching staff was under evaluation and alluded to big changes. There are a couple big issues I had with Todd but with a different supporting staff I feel he could still an effective coach for this team. I am unsure he will get that chance.

Pete Liked Our Wingers?!!

One of the (many) surprising and confusing statements from the Oilers GM was his comment regarding the Oilers wingers. Peter felt the team's scoring was fine and disagreed with it being an issue. Not counting Draisaitl or Nuge the total amount of goals scored by the Oilers wingers this year was 61...... McDavid had 41 himself.

Speedy Lucic

Chiarelli did admit that Lucic did not have a year that met expectations (understatement of the year) but defended the player that he would bounce back. This one I get. Lucic for better or worse was signed by Chiarelli and he has to show confidence in the player. It seems like Peter has a good understanding of....

Wait he said what about his skating?

Chiarelli said he really liked Lucic's skating this year. Honestly I have no clue what to take from that, does he mean he thought it was good that Lucic was able to put on his skates?

What Happened To The Vets?

Another excerpt from the presser was Chiarelli commenting about how the team lost some veterans from last year........

They weren't "lost" Petey, you traded them and did nothing to replace them.


Chiarelli said maybe they overprojected some players offense... in his defense who could have seen that coming? On a completely different note take a look at one of my blogs from last summer!


Luckily Bob Nicholson came in the following day to set the record straight and to give this team the direction it deser......

"The President and General Manager of the Oilers will be Peter Chiarelli next year." -Nicholson

Well maybe that means that Bob will oversee his decisions and not let him....

"I really believe in (Peter's) plan. There has been anger and disappointment about where they ended up and we certainly understand. We'll have a plan coming up in the near future about how we move forward." -Nicholson

Going to be a long summer.

Thanks for reading.

TLDR: Chiarelli and Bob Nicholson don't have a clue.
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February 1, 2022 8:45 AM ET | Delete
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