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Edmonton • Canada • 25 Years Old • Male
Today via his Instagram account, AHL goaltender Nick Ellis announced his retirement from professional hockey and his plans to start teaching and coaching with the Boys' Varsity Hockey and Lacrosse club of Cantebury School.

The young goaltender is 24 and came off a rougher season, sporting a .898 Sv% in 22 games played with the Bakersfield Condors. One does wonder whether this was something he had been thinking of all season and affected his play but such comments are purely speculatory.

While we like to think of professional athletes as direct in their career choice it's also important to remember this is a kid who is only 24. I would be curious among the readers on what type of career path you were on at age 24. I'm sure this decision was made with both his family, friends, and loved ones helping him choose what would be best for his future. Best of luck to you Nick Ellis in whatever your future endeavors are!

This makes a couple decisions easier in regards to the Oilers system. Including Ellis the Oilers had 7 goaltenders under contract for next season. Ellis, Montoya, Starrett, and Wells could all have been Bakersfield bound. Peter Chiarelli may wish to try and move Montoya and salvage a return for the fourth round pick he gave away for 9 games of the 33 year old but if he is not he will certainly be AHL bound.

Montoya and Wells will likely start in the AHL with Starrett returning to the ECHL. The Oilers have 34/50 contracts filled with plenty of signings remaining.

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