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Last night the Oilers lost their first game in 6 in a 4-2 loss to the Coyotes. Looking at the rest of November the Oilers are in for a tough road trip that when its over we should have a better idea where this team might place. I'm bored now so I'm going to make my predictions for each game for the rest of November.

Oilers at Montreal - Montreal has just come off a 5-3 loss against the Rangers and will be looking for a win back home against the Oil. Hopefully the Oil's last loss will have woken the team out of their dream state and come back and win. 3-1 Oil.

Oilers at Boston - Boston has struggled severely out of the gate and looks nothing like the playoff champions of last year. Last year the Oil played great against the Blackhawks, the 09 champions including a 7-4 win. Won't be as high scoring a game but the Oil wins this one too 2-1.

Oilers at Detroit- Detroit is a much better team than their 6-5 record currently shows and this will be the first game all season where the Oil is completely dominated all game. Detroit wins 5-1.

Oilers at Chicago - After Renney throws a couple chairs around after the horrible defeat at the hands of Detroit the team will be looking to come back against the Hawks. It will be a close game resulting in overtime after the game being tied at 2 but in overtime Sharp will beat Khabi for the win. 3-2 Hawks in OT

Ottawa at Edmonton - After finishing up a long road trip going 3-2-1 the Oil will be greeted with a standing ovation from the home fans as the Oil squares off a team rebuilding that has also done much better than expected. The game will be a back and forth between Edmontons young offense vs the Sens defense and the Oil will win 4-2.

Chicago at Edmonton - In their last home game before going on another road trip the Oil will look to defeat the Hawks at home but will come up shorter than last time losing 3-1.

Oilers at Dallas - Dallas wins 5-3. I hate Dallas.

Oilers at Nashville - Edmonton has done great against Nashville so far this season and this will continue as Edmonton wins 4-1.

Oilers at Minnesota - This is it ladies and gentlemen it finally happens. Oil beats the Wild away in shootout 3-2. Khabi stops Heatley in shootout.

Oilers at Colorado - Edmonton loses to Colorado 3-1.

Nashville at Edmonton - Nashville finally picks up a win against the Oil in a 3-2 victory.

Minnesota at Edmonton - Edmonton finishes off the month of November with a 4-3 OT win against the Wild.

If my absurd predictions come true the Oil's record for November would be 7-6-1. Playing slightly higher than .500 hockey and if the Oil can keep this lelvel of play up all year playoffs might not be impossible. Thanks for reading!
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