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Plenty of rumblings lately around the interwebs in regards to Chiarelli trading the Oilers 10th overall pick. Considering things didn't go so well the last time Chiarelli traded a first round pick (Griffin Reinhart had 12 points in 60 games in the AHL this year for those wondering) fans are reasonably concerned.

Here are a few facts about the Oilers organization.

1. The team needs to address holes in the top 6 as well as on defense.
2. The Oilers do not have a strong prospect pool.
3. It is unlikely the team can address both of these issues in one year.

Good teams have the ability to draft players and develop them, while the not-so-good teams are forced to search for quick fixes. Chiarelli may be feeling the pressure from the owner to turn things around (again) quickly and will trade the pick hoping for an immediate fix.

Here are some likely scenarios on how a trade would go down.

1) Trading with a team that doesn't have a first round pick

As is tradition there are a number of teams who dealt first round picks hoping to make a Cup push who now find themselves wanting first round picks. Calgary and Boston have been reported as actively trying to acquire a first round pick but Nashville, Pittsburgh, St Louis, Tampa, Vegas, and Winnipeg are all without a 1st round pick.

With some cap concerns would Boston move Torey Krug? After a dissapointing end to their playoffs would Nashville want to bring in new talent and trade Ryan Ellis who is set to be a free agent in 2019?

2) One for One. 10th Overall for ___________

Chiarelli loves his 1 for 1 deals. In this scenario we aren't only discussing teams without a draft pick but any deal involving the 10th overall for Player X. Names that have been thrown out by the masses have ranged from Oliver Ekman-Larsson, to Alex Galchenyuk, to Justin Faulk. Most of these are nothing but fans throwing names into the wind. Rarely do we see such a deal occur.

3) Trading down to acquire a lower 1st round + player

A couple people were chatting in the comments section here about trading the 10th overall to the Kings for the 20th overall and Tanner Pearson. It is an interesting idea as it could allow Edmonton to address both their prospect pool and need for immediate impact players. Whoever the new GM of the Wild is will want to put his own stamp on the team which are currently set to draft 24th overall. Charlie Coyle at right wing or right shot defenseman Matthew Dumba would of course be of interest to Edmonton.

4) Trading up into the Top 3.

The most unlikely scenario. Dahlin is most likely going to be an unreal player and there is no way that the Sabres are going to trade that away after finally winning a lottery. The same goes for the Canadiens and Hurricanes who are organizations trying to bring in new young marketable talent. No way this happens.

5) Trading the 10th Overall and 40th Overall to get Griffin Reinhart back.

There is a not 0% chance of this happening.

What say you Oiler fans? What do you hope the team does with the 10th overall pick?

Thanks for reading!
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The Oilers have finished out of the playoff picture in nine of the last 10 seasons, and their lack of success has led to a series of high draft picks. Reading topresume review before help in essay is good. They used the first overall selection in 2010 and 2011, then took Nail Yakupov first overall in 2012. This past June, they dropped to third overall, grabbing Leon Draisaitl behind Aaron Ekblad and Sam Reinhart.
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