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I hate you, Toronto, ON • Canada • 27 Years Old • Male
Alrighty, brotha's and sista's. With the Leafs, Habs, Sabres, Bruins and now Sens done in the projection departement, I thought I'd turn my attention to the Islanders. An orginization which has been the peak of many hockey jokes, kind of the like the Spanish News Team but IMO wrongfully so. They fought the odds last season and shut the door on my lovely Leafs and the climactic battle with the Haberoo's ( yea, that's right). Not to mention Wade freakin' Dublielewicz and his mighty poke check of the heavens decided it. Frustrating I tell yea but my Leafs allegiance aside, the Isles gave the Sabres a fight for their money in the playoffs and DiPietro came up big, further more blossiming into one of the best goaltenders in the league, IMO. Then came the off-season, the Isles lost Alexei Yashin, Jason Blake, Ryan Smyth, Tom Poti and Sean Hill from last season. In came Mike Comrie, Ruslan Fedotenko, Bill Guerin, Josef Vasicek, Jon Sim and Andy Sutton. Not bad if you ask me, Ryan Smyth was a late acqusition and the Isles were a good club even without him. With the substractions and additions to the club I'd say the Isles stay around the same, they lose some firepower but they gain some physical edge which I think will be important in the latter part of the season.

On with the predictions, amigo's.

NOTE: I'm assuming everyone plays 82 games, just to make it easier. It's by PPG. The following is in no particular order.

Bill Guerin: 33 G 54 PTS

Mike Comrie: 27 G 62 PTS

Miroslav Satan: 30 G 63 PTS

Ruslan Fedotenko: 14 G 36 PTS

Mike Sillinger: 23 G 54 PTS

Jeff Tambellini: 17 G 44 PTS

Trent Hunter: 23 G 46 PTS

Jon Sim: 14 G 26 PTS

Andy Hilbert: 12 G 32 PTS

Josef Vasicek: 9 G 31 PTS

Sean Bergenheim: 12 G 32 PTS

Chris Simon: 13 G 34 PTS

Brendan Witt: 3 G 11 PTS

Marc-Andre Bergeron: 17 G 51 PTS

Radek Martinek: 5 G 32 PTS

Chris Campoli: 8 G 35 PTS

Bruno Gervais: 2 G 9 PTS

Andy Sutton: 7 G 26 PTS

Rick DiPietro: 2.50 GAA .920 SV% 7 SO

Wade Dubielewicz: 2.65 GAA .900 SV% 1 SO

All in all, the Isles will be in the thick of the 8th place battle once again, IMO. With the likes of the Habs, Bruins, Leafs, Lighting, etc. it should be an intresting end to the season once again. That's all, folks!
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Good analysis, RG! I think though that Guerin will break 60 points this season. Maybe not from goals, but assists.
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Nice article and a fair assessment. If you take this roster they have now and compare it to last season's, they look better. I'm confident in the group we have and the players we lost (except Smyth) were obvisouly let go because management didn't think they were good enough or didn't offer enough to stay. Bergenheim is a phenom and will put up some good numbers this season. I'm not saying he's an 80 point player but he just might crack 50. Look for Hunter to creep in around 30 goals because he will be on one of the top two lines and the second half of last season and the playoffs he was on a mission. Satan is in contract season.... I think he's good for 30 goals around 70 points. I would look to Campoli to step it up in 07/08 season. He had a good playoff last year and looks like he's coming into a fine player. DiPietro.... DAMN!
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Good predictions, especially on Guerin's part. Although I would lower goals and a bit of points. The other predictions are right on, from a non-Isles fan point of view.
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Very, very nice assessment of the Isles here RG. I personally think "TANK" will get closer to the 20 goal mark, and Satan will have a few less goals... but it evens out. The big "X" factor (or unknown) right now is Bergenheim. It'll be interesting to see what he brings to the table. He could be a 40 goal scorer and he could be a 5 goal scorer. Most of us Isles fans aren't 100% sure what to expect of him.By the way, no love for Shawn Bates, Richard Park, or Meyer? Well, I can understand Meyer... :P.
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Thank you for the comments, all. Stay classy!
August 22, 2007 5:57 AM ET | Delete
Good analysis. A a Ranger fan, I have to say that I truly hope that the Fishsticks are in the playoff race come March, as they will once again go out and give away young prospects and first round draft picks for someone good who is going to leave them the first chance he gets, which is FA. Prediction: Islanders finish 10th. Guerin scores 20 goals, unless Isles get a legitimate first line center, 'cuase Comrie is at best a second liner.
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All I've been reading from Eklund is that the Isles are in talks with Jason Allison. Why are we interested in this guy? He's only played 92 games in the span of the last 5 seasons. Not to mention he's slower then a DMV line. Is this really a good pick-up? Any thoughts Islefans?
August 22, 2007 11:24 AM ET | Delete
Alisson would really only be a decent fit on a team with a ton of speed already. He can be a good pp set up man but apart from that, you'd be better served giving the Zamboni guy a stick.
August 23, 2007 2:49 AM ET | Delete
mob, don't underestimate the zamboni guy... have you ever tried checking one of those? XD
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