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Rumours continue to swirl about the possibility of Brian Burke landing both Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin should the pair opt for unrestricted free agency this off-season. My take on the rumour? Don't do it, Burke!

Let me begin by stating that the Sedin twins are indeed offensive weapons, and are valuable commodities to any team; but only under the right circumstances-- and the Leafs don't fit the bill, sorry to say.

The Sedins have been producing at nearly a point-per-game pace during the past three regular seasons. Impressive, especially considering they're suiting up for the defensively minded Vancouver Canucks. But while their offensive production suggests they're elite forwards, taking a glance at their lack of physicality (and playoff point totals) will prove that the Sedins are no more, or less, than second-line forwards. And there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing.

To their credit, both players managed a PPG pace in this year's playoffs (the first time in both of their careers). However, the Canucks' playoff fortunes weren’t only due to bad luck, there was also the issue of lack of leadership. Take a look at the four remaining teams and the forwards leading them:

Detroit: - Henrik Zetterberg, Johan Franzen

Chicago: - Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews

Carolina: - Eric Staal

Pittsburgh - Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin

Each one of the players listed above has stepped up in the playoffs and has contributed in more than one way. The Canucks, however, were dependent on the Sedins (and Luongo, of course) to lead the team. I've always respected the offensive skills of the Sedins, but I've never considered them anything more than support players, or second-liners. They have the skill, but they lack the tenacity and heart to inspire a team to new levels-- which is obviously crucial this time of year.

Now, on to the Leafs. If Burke signs the Sedins on July 1st (assuming they don't resign in Vancouver) then the duo will, once again, be depended on to lead the team. And that won't happen; not as long as the Sedins are on the top line. If the Leafs were to land some elite forwards this summer (which obviously won’t happen, taking a look at the Unrestricted Free Agents list) than I would be all for the prospect of adding the Sedins to the Leafs' roster. However, that is not the case.

If the Leafs sign the Sedins, the team is right back at square one, and will destined, once again, for mediocrity. I hate to be so negative, but there's just no way the Leafs can realistically compete for the Stanley Cup with the Sedins as their top players. If Burke has other tricks up his sleeve, fine, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

Personally, I'd rather Burke spend the Leafs' money on UFA's Mike Cammaleri and Mike Komisarek. Cammareli is young at 26, and his offensive skills would help compliment the Leafs' future forwards. He also knows how to play in his own end, and he’d be cheaper than signing both of the Sedins. While Komisarek had an average season with the Canadiens, (hell, who didn't?) don't forget he was ranked 1st in hits and 2nd in blocked shots just last season. He's young and, if you ask me, would look mighty fine with Luke Schenn on the Leafs' PK unit.

Let's just hope Burke hasn't lost sight of his long-term goal: the Stanley Cup. Not the playoffs.


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May 23, 2009 5:43 PM ET | Delete
I would much rather the Sedins than Cammalleri or Komisarek. Komisarek is a douche and is going to be severly overpaid this summer. Plus he needs to get away from Milan Lucic. Cammalleri was great this season but what will he do when he is playing with the likes of Grabovski and Blake instead of Iginla? Not that I would mind it if the leafs signed him, I would just prefer to have the Sedins.
May 23, 2009 6:22 PM ET | Delete
ummm... i'm a flames fan, and i'd rather have the sedin's than cammalleri anyone.You want playoff success, and grit and you wrote you would rather have cammalleri?!? This guy was the only top 6 forward on the flames (that wasn't nursing some sort of injury ) that basically mailed it in come playoff time.cammalleri isn't a burke type player. Sedin's would eat up eastern conference generally, soft defences.
May 23, 2009 7:13 PM ET | Delete
Leadership in Carolina = Rod Brind'Amour
May 23, 2009 10:09 PM ET | Delete
Sorry Ron this is the only time I will disagree with you the Sedins would be great on the Leafs and would dominate a lot of the slow less than great Eastern Confernce defenses that are out there (IE Pittsburgh and Montreal and Buffalo) We as Leaf fans are getting tired of seeing these elite players go by the wayside to teams like Ottawa and Montreal. I think its Toronto's turn to get some of that action and Cammaleri and the Sedins would be right up that alley!
May 23, 2009 10:52 PM ET | Delete
not a leafs fan, despite living in TO, but agree wholeheartedly with 'pecafan'. Ticket prices keep going up at the ACC, it's such a crap hockey experience in the true hockeytown of the world, and the leafs aren't willing to drop $$$ to sign the big guns to become a competitive team sooner than later?!? If philly did it, NYR did it, why can't the leafs make the commitment to become good quickly.
May 24, 2009 1:59 AM ET | Delete
I would like to see the twins in Toronto, for the right price. Burke needs to play up the fact that Toronto is about the only team with the cap space to sign both. I wouldn't offer them more than $5.5 million/3 years, each. No more. Stand firm and let them walk away if need be.
May 24, 2009 4:01 AM ET | Delete
Leafs Burke = Fail
May 24, 2009 7:37 AM ET | Delete
Ron, You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha, covered with hair.
May 24, 2009 12:20 PM ET | Delete
flames12: because the Leafs don't have the young assets that either of those teams did. The Flyers had Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, and were able to acquire Coburn through an incredible lopsided trade. The Leafs have no prospects even close to Carter and Richards. and I would never hold up these Rangers as a success story... look at their situation now... not enviable.
May 24, 2009 12:24 PM ET | Delete
I agree with Ron in that I don't want Sedins in Toronto for what they will likely command in salary and disagree in that Komisarek and Cammalleri are not better answers. Cammalleri is a very skilled player and is young enough to be a part of whatever is unfolding in Toronto, but to pay him to be a difference maker would be a massive mistake. Didn't the Leafs get burned already when they signed Jason Blake off a career year?
May 24, 2009 12:27 PM ET | Delete
Komisarek is a guy that is helpful, but again... not at the price he would command on the open market... especially when the Leafs already have expensive pieces Jeff Finger (3.5) Pavel Kubina (5) Tomas Kaberle (4.25) and Mike Van Ryn (2.9) under contract for next season. Would Komisarek and his 5 million, perhaps more contract fit there? Not unless you are moving half of the existing blueline.
May 24, 2009 2:07 PM ET | Delete
I completely agree with you. The Sedins don't have what we need in Toronto. Great blog!!!
May 24, 2009 2:16 PM ET | Delete
Your on drugs A-Mar you can't say that when we haven't seen what we have in Bozak or Hanson and the same goes for DiDomenico, Stephanovich and Mitchell (Dale)Anyone of these guys could turn out to be better than Carter or Richards we don't know until we see them play.
May 24, 2009 3:32 PM ET | Delete
May 24, 2009 3:34 PM ET | Delete
Dude, take off your rose glasses. Carter is a 40 goal guy. Find a pro scout who sees any of those mentioned guys ever scoring close to that pace. Its a collection of guys who could be strong 3rd or 4th line players, not franchise players.
May 24, 2009 3:34 PM ET | Delete
May 24, 2009 7:12 PM ET | Delete
Any expensive free agents not named Hossa or Bouwmeester are not worth it. We need another year of our young guys getting ice time. If we add anyone it should be via trades.
May 24, 2009 8:59 PM ET | Delete
I second that. Only mid-range young-ish free agents need apply.
May 24, 2009 9:10 PM ET | Delete
Well thank God you guys aren't running the team!
May 25, 2009 3:07 AM ET | Delete
thank god you aren't the head scout!
May 25, 2009 5:04 AM ET | Delete
May 25, 2009 12:33 PM ET | Delete
May 25, 2009 2:38 PM ET | Delete
LOL...THE twins produce at a point a game pace but you consider them glorified 2nd liners....lol... WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING GUILLET?
May 25, 2009 2:42 PM ET | Delete
Maybe if the sedins were playing for the Penquins they's be 2nd liners....but on any other NHL team they are first line material. Sorry to say there is no Malkin and Crosby to go around for every team.
May 25, 2009 2:47 PM ET | Delete
They are first line players but not franchise players... if they want franchise player money, then it is not a prudent investment.
May 25, 2009 3:32 PM ET | Delete
YAYYYYYYYYYPleade no sedins!!!
May 25, 2009 3:32 PM ET | Delete
they NEVER produce in the playoffs!!!
May 27, 2009 10:23 AM ET | Delete
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