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* Inspired by Eric Engels' thought provoking question blogs*

Ten questions to ponder while you prepare for the Leafs - Thrashers tilt tonight:

1) If you were Brian Burke, who would you unload before the Trade Deadline?

2) Matt Stajan is on pace for 20 goals and 64 points (in 76 games). Trade him while his value is high, or lock him up as an integral piece to the Leafs' future?

3) Justin Pogge is scorching hot in the AHL ( 1.64 GAA, .934 SV% in his last 7 games). Is the time now to insert him to the Leafs' lineup, or would some extra seasoning in the AHL serve him better?

4) Burke is reportedly interested in bolstering his club through college prospects (who are UFA's). D Matt Gilroy (20GP, 2G, 12 PTS) and C Tyler Bozak (18GP, 7G, 21 PTS) are some the names being thrown around. Do you think this is an important step for the Leafs' rebuilding plan?

5) Should the Leafs pursue an enforcer, or is the tandem of Deveaux and May -and I suppose Mayers - effective enough already?

6) Should the Leafs pursue Jay Bouwmeester? Who would you be willing to unload?

7) What type of return do you think Kaberle will garner if he decides to waive his NTC?

8) If the Leafs were to grasp the 1st overall pick - god knows they can’t overcome the almighty Islanders - who would you choose, Tavares or Hedman? And why?

9) Where do you think the Leafs will land in terms of draft positioning? Who would use choose based off that decision?

And finally, the question you've all been waiting for... give me a drum roll...

10) Will Grabovski and S.Kostitsyn duke it out during their next contest at the Bell Centre, Feb.7th? If so, who will win? And what finisher move will they perform for the "Finish him!" finale?

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January 16, 2009 12:40 PM ET | Delete
1) Kaberle, Kubina, Stralman, Antropov, Ponk, 1 or 2 prospects/picks, Toskala2) Keep Stajan3) Not sure, by playing Pogge they will win more games. 4) Love the idea of College players, great idea of signing 5 and hope for 2 making it. 5) Yes one more forward - Parros6) Yes Jbo trade with Horton aswell from Florida. Kabs, Tlusty (Kulemin) and Stralman for Jbo and Horton. 7) Read answer to #68) Hedman - Imagine Schenn, Hedman, Jbo, Finger, White, Gilroy, Sifers, Frogn and Van Ryn next year and going foward. WOW!!! 9) 5th - 7th, Kane10) No they will in the streets after the game. LOLNext years lineup guess of course!Horton - Stajan - UFAHagman - Grabs - Stempniak (Tlusty, Kulemin or UFA) Blake - Moore - Williams (Tlusty) Parros - May - Deveaux (Mayars, another UFA)Schenn - JBO Finger - Van Ryn (or another UFA FB for the Ducks maybe)White - Frogen Pogge(UFA)9)
January 16, 2009 12:56 PM ET | Delete
1. kaberle, kubina, antropov, poni, if there were takers blake.2.depends on the return if it is a first round which is unlikely but crazier things have happened then id trade him3. he should get a call and a tryout ala brian elliot 3 games guaranteed see how he does make a decision4. very important step young players are needed and this is a way that does not require draft picks or trading5.deveaux is not that great of an enforcer and may will likely retire soon so i believe the leafs should pursue another one but can wait till the summer6. No j bo would cost too much and if he wants to come to TO he can in the summer7. Based on the need for puck moving defensemen i think he could get a first round pick a top prospect and either a second or third round pick or second tier prospect8. Tavares because he could potentially be the superstar the team needs and would help more in luring in free agents ala rick nash next summer9. they should land between 4th and 6th as of right now i would pick either kane maybe msp but i also might trade back a bit to take kadri or schenn depending on what i could get back in return10. i sure hope so and the finishing move with be the super slap attack ala alexander semin
January 16, 2009 1:29 PM ET | Delete
1)Kaberle, Antropov, Poni, Toskala, Tulsty, White. 2) Keep Stajan He or White if Kept Could be Future Captins. 3) this will be his last year in the AHL, and he Needs it, as he was not given the chance to play as much as he should have last year... Gillbert should have been fired for not playing him in the playoffs last year. 4) Love it, Can't find kidds willing to work harder to crack an NHL line up, and if they don't then we have more filler for the Marlies. 5) Yes unless May is resigned at the end of the year. 6) Yes of course we should, Kaberle, or Kubina, Plus any Prospect or 2 they want (I don't consider Schenn a Prospest since he Cracked the line up) 7) That would Depend on when he Is moved. If its at the Deadline, I think we end up with a Roster player as well as a 1st and a Prospect, or a Roster player and a 1st and 2nd. if it is in the off season, I only see us getting a 1st in the 10-30th range, and a mid level prostpect.
January 16, 2009 1:33 PM ET | Delete
8) Take BIG JOHN... We need a Pure Skill forward more than another D.9) Leafs end Up some where between 5-7 and if he is still available We should be taking Schenn's brother, Big Power Forward, Loves to play the body, and work the corners, Has good hands, and His Brother Plays on the Team... It just makes sence. 10) Yes they will, But Garbo will not Win, Kostitsyn will Finnish him with a big Haymaker. or a slew foot Takedown.
January 16, 2009 1:55 PM ET | Delete
I think we take a goalie if Pogge is getting called we'll need one in the long run right. I also think Stephanovich and Didminico have good chances to make the team next year.
January 16, 2009 2:16 PM ET | Delete
i would unload the entire team for a top 10 pick, and 3 other first round picks!with atleast 1 potential all star, and 3 strong players from the draft, we go nuts in free agency n lock up jay bo long term, sign a few college role players, make a luongo-esqe deal happen for kippersauf, grabo will destroy kosistsyn with a flying elbow off the goal, AND WE BRING THE CUP HOMEEE BOYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
January 16, 2009 2:22 PM ET | Delete
1.Kaberle, Kubina, Stajan, Antropov2.Trade him3.NOW. Right Now. Another weak one on Tosk last night nearly blew the whole thing4.I like what I hear about Bozak. Give it a shot. If nothing else it adds depth to the prospect pool5.Pursue an enforcer and get rid of Deveaux. Not just to the Marlies.....get him out of Toronto6.If Jbo is still available as a UFA on July 1 and we didn't draft Hedman then yes I would pursue him. What to give up is a whole other question......Not sure we have the right package7.First and a prospect8.John Tavares and then sign Jbo9.4th, either Evander Kane or Matt Duchesne10.Yes they will fight and Little tits will smoke him!GREAT BLOG!
January 16, 2009 3:22 PM ET | Delete
1. Kabs, Kubina, Toskala(if stock rises), Poni. 2. Keep him unless half decent pick or prospect is offered up. 3. Pogge has had enough seasoning and our goaltending is atrocious the time is now to figure out what we have. 4. Absolutely the more cheap low risk talent the better! 5. Hell yeah Parros or Belak. 6. Yes. 7. Younger top six forward or a low first rounder. 8. Tavares no doubt about it. 9. 6ish... Evander Kane or Brayden Schenn. 10. Grabs will kick snow at the younger "tit" sister until he turtles on the ground in an attempt to draw a penalty. or we will see a good ol alexander semin bitch fight!
January 16, 2009 4:18 PM ET | Delete
1) Blake, Antropov, White, Kubina if he'll waive, Keep Kaberle unless it's to Vancouver for Hodgson, Salo, 1st rounder in 2009, 2010 option. Or wait and move him before the draft to a team for higher picks. I would also listen to offers for Hagman.2)Keep Stajen as a 2nd or 3rd line center until drafts are ready, his stock should remain consistant for a couple of seasons.3)Bring Pogge up for a 5-10 game shot hen return him to the Marlies to finish the season, especially if they are in a playoff run. Good experience!4)Talent is talent, it doesn't matter where you find it. I like D. Moore (Harvard).5)Both Neil and Parros are UFA in '09, I would let Mays contract run out, Deveaux back to the minors and sign Neil and Parros.6)No, it would cost the leafs all of the young talent they are trying to build with. We've got Schenn, Van Ryan, Finger, Frogren looks good, Stralmen, and Kaberle unless an amazing deal is offered.7)I doubt I would move Kaberle to a contender unless it's for Salo, Hodgson, and a 1st in 2009 or 2010 option from Vancouver, or somthing similar. I'm not sure that a second half pick in the 1st rnd is enough so waiting until the seasons over allows Burke to move him for higher picks.8)Taveres, Toronto needs another point a game player up front. Our D is allowing a lot fewer shots against, Toskola will be better in a contract year! Pogge wil be ready after that.9)1st or 2nd, Taveres if he's available if not Cowan, Duchene, Schroeder depending on how they finish this season. I think we'll trade and have at least 2 picks in the top 10. Schenn would get consideration for my 2nd top 10 pick.10)No, I don't think Wilson wants to lose Grabovski to preventable injury like a broken hand, fighting is not his job!!! A hat trick would serve him better!!!
January 16, 2009 4:33 PM ET | Delete
1. Andropov, Kaberle, Kubina, Poni, Williams, Tlusty and Toskala should be used as trade bait. Blake, Mayers, Bell, Devareaux are all expendable for litte return obtain as many draft picks as possible so that they could trade up for a Brayden Schenn along with whomever else they pick up hopefully Tavarez who could make the team next year on the Leafs.2. Stajan is already signed and young enough to keep during this rebuild along with Moore, Grabovski, Kulemin, White, Finger, Frogren, Schenn.Van Ryan and Hagman for now should be held on to.3. Pogge is almost ready and should be given a ten to 20 game run with Cujo riding shotgun.Make a play with Pittsburgh offer up Tlusty and Kubina for Jordan Staal who would get a tonne of ice time with the Leafs.Make a play with Carolina offer up Tomas for Eric Staal as both are marquee players who'll benefit their new teams immensely. Tomas would be reunited with Frantesak and Eric would become the number 1 center on the Leafs rebuildPhiladelphia has a number of their forwards injured and trading Poni and Andropov for a roster player who's injured now and a 2nd round pick would be doable.Keep May, and Devaux as the beginning of your bottom six.Top six in my world would have Jordan Staal, Eric Staal, Grabovski as the first line2nd line Tavarez/Hegan, Stajan, Kulemin 3rd Hagman, Williams, Moore4th Deveaux, May, Newburyon D my top 4 would be White, Van Ryan, Finger, L.Schennmy bottom 2 would be B. Schenn, FrogrenAnd finally I would love to see Graboski to go at it big time with the wimpy Hab and this time skate backwards away from the ref as he should have stayed away until they finished their dance.
January 16, 2009 5:09 PM ET | Delete
walrus 1 b schenn is a centreman 2 who is hegan if you mean hedman he is a defenceman 3 hagman has a no trade clause this year
January 16, 2009 5:36 PM ET | Delete
1. Realistically one could expect 3-4 trades involving Antropov, Kaberle (or Kubina- both I don't think will happen), Dominic Moore (although I hate to see him go), Maybe Jiri Tlusty, I know he's young but he just doesn't seem to be fitting in with the Leafs. Could be used to sweeten a pot in a deal.2. Hold on to Stajan for now. 3. Bring him up for a string of 5 games and then let him get playoff experience with the Marlies 4. I don't see how adding more mature (22-23yo) college grads can hurt with the development of this club. 5. Add an enforcer during the offseason as a UFA. 6. If Jay Bo is available in the summer approach then, don't trade for him. Offer 5-6 million 4 years. 7. Late first and a mid level propect (we already have plenty of those) and a later round pick maybe in 2010 draft. 8. Go for Tavares, local kid with offensive punch, it won't happen and that's fine with me because the draft is so deep. 9. 5-7 and they draft either schroeder (may be too similar to didomenico both play the RW I believe) or Schenn. 10. They'll fight, hopefully the refs stay out of hte way of 2 consenting fighters this time.
January 16, 2009 5:55 PM ET | Delete
If just the trades I proposed are made next years line upKulemin-Grabs-HagmanPoni- Stajan- StempniakBlake- Moore (if not traded)- WilliamsDeveaux-May- Mayerssubs Mitchell,Kubina-Van RynSchenn-FrogrenFinger- Whitesubs Strahlman, VorobievToskala, ?After looking at that I think they can make quite a few more trades in the off season. That line up was just subtracting from what they have now. Even with a possible cap retraction the Leafs will have plenty of room to bid for 1 or 2 UFAs. In the summer Van Ryn could be traded but needs to string along a handful of games first. Kubina will be hard to maove and provides a lot of leadership and is pretty much the only vet so I don't know if you want to move him. Poni could be traded in the summer and this could make room for the possible emergence of DiDominenco. My first line is actually a much better 2nd line so there will have to be some changes.
January 16, 2009 6:26 PM ET | Delete
Toskala should not be traded right now. The time to trade him would have been last year while his value was high. Now we wouldn't be getting full value for him. A Toskala Pogge tandom next year is the way to go.Kaberle should be moved. I think a fair deal would be to send him to Pitsburgh along with Stajan for Stall and a pick. This would be good for both sides.Antropov and Poni should both be shipped out for whatever Burke can get.Then draft a guy like Kane or Schenn next year. That will go a long way to the rebuild.
January 16, 2009 9:24 PM ET | Delete
January 16, 2009 9:36 PM ET | Delete
1) Kaberle, Antro, Poni, Toskala2) Lock him up3) Mar. 5 bring pogge up4) Yes, good undiscovered talent could lie in college hockey5) Add an enforcer (Parros)6) Pursue J Bo, I'd give antro and tlusty given that the leafs get a first rounder for kaberle and some more picks for poni and toskala7) Kaberle = 1st round young player8) Tavares (World juniors, enough said)9) Leafs could get third or 4th pick, duchene or cowen, if not 4th, then kane 10) If they fight next game, grabo might win by throwing him down
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