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My Trip To Montreal

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This past weekend, I was enjoying a snow filled, hockey inspired trip to the city that breathes... Montreal. Myself and three of my friends, one being a Habs fan, were all attending our first game live. What better place then the Bell Centre for a classic match with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens? The game is just oozing with intensity and pre-game gitters. Well, it appears the hockey gods had other plans and decided to ruin the party, well for the Blue and White amigos anyway. The game was pure domination by the Habs, they combined their solid play with a physical dominance at stretches throughout the game. They also took advantage of the Leafs and capitalized on their lackluster, uninspired, lazy plays. And, of course, a dash of luck was added to the mix. Three of the goals on burning hot Vesa Toskala were re-directs, and weird ones. Off our own players or off a Habs player's glove, it didn't matter, it just wasn't there. Oh and did I mention Bryan McCabe broke his hand in three places? Yikes batman.

With that said though, the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. The building was electric and would not cease to cheer ( with some random ''Go Leafs Go!'' chants in there as well). Because of this, I had a blast. The game did not match my expectations, but the Bell Centre surpassed mine. And the folks were downright classy. They yelled at me but it was all in good fun, a bunch of them came over to shake our hands and tell us ''good game''.....what a load that line was.

The city itself is absolutely breath taking. I was starring in amazement at the many facets of Montreal. I even visited the Montreal Casino ( and lost money, pf!) which was a new experience. I can't say I wasn't amazed by buying alchool in the grocery stores though... how delightful!

Now the trip takes a turn, which was still fun... somehow. To start, I ended up losing my voice shortly after the game from screaming like a mad man. Shortly after this, guess what decides to make its acquaintance? A snow storm. So we had to stay an extra day in Montreal... no big whoop right? Well, the following day we left the beautiful city of Montreal. We were off on the road and ready to go home. About three hours from Sudbury, we arrive in a little town called Mattawa. On our way through the city, we hit an ice patch on the road ( my friend was driving, and he's a Habs fan; figures) and the car goes berserk. The car swerves in the opposite lane, where there was luckily no cars passing, and then jolted back on the opposite side of the road. The car proceeded to hit a snow bank, going right through it, and flying at a fast enough speed through a gentleman's fence. Turns out the guy has, or had, barbed wire on top and two of the tires were popped. So now we get a local citizen to come help us out and push the car out of the guy's yard, after trying for nearly a half hour ourselves. But, it turns out my buddy ( reminder: Habs fan) locked his keys in the car by accident when he got out! So now the car is running and we can't get in.

After this, a police car got involved, and we had to fill out the report and what not. Now we had to call a tow-truck, but since we were four, he could only hold two of us with him. So me and the Haberoo got to ride in the police car. Myself in the back behind those dreadful bars, and an awkward amount of leg room ( seriously, they might as well cut off your legs). I was hoping the cop would bust a criminal so I could talk to him but no dice.

After all that, the trip ended. And it was faaannnnnnntastic!
December 20, 2007 8:32 PM ET | Delete
Wow that is an adventure
December 20, 2007 8:39 PM ET | Delete
man that sounds like a lot of fun ron what a trip great blog buddy
December 20, 2007 9:09 PM ET | Delete
I always knew you'd end up in the bask of a squad car. Never knew thy'd let you back out. :)
December 21, 2007 12:33 AM ET | Delete
Mr.p..... greaatt to hear from you, sir. It's been a while.
December 21, 2007 12:50 AM ET | Delete
Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Montreal! It's a great place to visit (and to live for that matter). I'm leaving it for Christmas, for a few days, and will definitely miss it here.It's great that so many fellow Leaf fans come out to watch the games here... You feel so alone in this city as a Leaf fan, until Leafs nation comes out in full force for the Leafs vs Habs games!
December 21, 2007 9:13 AM ET | Delete
sounds like fun and a good story. no strip clubs in montreal for $5 lap dances? i wonder how much that'd be nowadays.
December 22, 2007 10:45 AM ET | Delete
Wow what a cool story Ron
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