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"Clear the Track Here Comes Shack"
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This installment of the Vancouver Canucks is an absolute joke.

Not because they haven't been able to close out the Hawks.
Not because they have been completely outclassed losing Game 4, 7-2.
Not because they were completely outclassed in Game 5, losing 5-0.
And not because they can't handle the pressure.

No, none of the above is the reason this Canucks team is an absolute joke.

The Vancouver Canucks may very well go on to win Game 6, but they will remain an absolute joke. This team plays with no class, no respect, no pride and no integrity.

The Canucks do not know how to lose with grace. Rather, they show their immaturity, their poor sportsmanship and above all their lack of respect for the league and its players.

Case in point - the second period of tonight's game, Game 5. In the midst of a lopsided 4-0 score the Canucks decide it would be a good idea to start trying to deliberately hurt people:

1) Kevin Bieksa runs around all over the ice looking to hit someone. He is not in the play - he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off - just looking to hurt someone. Let's not even get started on the topic of Bieksa jumping Stalberg at the end of Game 4

2) Dan Hamhuis delivers a very deliberate and extremely dirty elbow to the head of Dave Bolland. In no uncertain terms, this was a headshot and should be reviewed by the NHL

3) Raffie Torres runs around like a wild man, looking to do nothing out there but hurt someone. Mike Milbury on CBC captured the spirit of Torres' play best during the second intermission when he said "He is on a mission to hurt someone". He had one shift were he literally took a shot at Toews' head and then finally got Ben Smith's knees

This has been a great playoff series so far. And there are two key take-aways about the Canucks:
1) They are a good team and can play nice hockey
2) They have NO CLASS. They are GUTLESS. and they are SORE LOSERS

It is times like these that the Hawks could use the services of Andrew Ladd, Ben Eager and Dustin Byfuglien. If these sand paper guys were in the line-up you would not see the Canucks behaving the way they are. Chances are the Canucks would pack up and go home.

If you don't know how to lose - than you will never know how to win. If you look at any of the great teams - they were tough as hell, yes - but they were not cheap. This Canucks team is cheap - plain and simple. Even if this team goes on to win the Cup, they will not go down as a great team because they lack respect and in turn they will earn no respect.

Barry Rozner published a great article on the Canucks gutless play after Game 4. You can find the original article here:
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