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"Clear the Track Here Comes Shack"
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There are some nights when I think Don Cherry has lost his mind - and suits and ties do nothing to convince me otherwise. That being said, Don Cherry was 100%, absolutely spot on tonight.

The four points Grapes made tonight were brilliant:

1) What the hell was Hamhuis doing taking a dirty, cheap shot at Bolland's head?

2) Bryzgalov is a joker and should keep his mouth shut about Winnipeg, particularly after the playoff series he had

3) Tons of goals are being scored off point shots

4) Horton will score the OT winner for the Bruins.

Sure enough, Horton burried the OT winner, early in the second OT period, off a shot from the point.

Great job tonight Cherry!!!!
April 24, 2011 12:03 AM ET | Delete
Those who thought Don was over the hill must be kicking themselves as they watch the next Nostrodamos!
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