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In April 2007 a mint graded 1911-12 C55 Georges Vezina rookie card shattered the record price ever paid for a hockey card at $100K. The April 2007 issue of Beckett Hockey magazine published an artilce titled "The Greatest Card Ever Sold" focusing on the sale of this Georges Vezina hockey rookie card.

The Georges Vezina rookie card was produced by the Imperial Tobacco company of Canada. Imperial Tobacco was founded on June 11, 1908 in Montreal Quebec where its headquarters are still located. This company is believed to have produced the first set of hockey cards in history. The first set of cards is know as the 1910-11 C56, the following year a second set that includes the Vezina rookie card was issued and is known as the 1911-12 C55 hockey card set. These hockey cards are much smaller compared to the standard size of todays cards, measuring about 1.5 by 2.5 inches. The Georges Vezina rookie card is the most sought after and valuable.

Georgez Vezina was signed by the Montreal Canadiens in 1910 after they noticed his outstanding goaltending skills when he played against them in an exhibition hockey game. By the time the first NHL season took place in 1917-18, Vezina was known as the best goalie in the league. Vezina's talent, dedication, and accomplishments, and tragic demise are part of his legendary hockey goaltending status.

Finding a mint hockey card from the C55 set is not always easy but even the lower grades of 2 or 3, which are more commonly found, command prices up to hundreds of dollars. The Georges Vezina rookie card would be the crown jewel of any hockey card collector's collection.

For more details about this hockey card, George Vezina, and pictures of the card you can read a detailed article at:

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