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The most impressive Sidney Crosby rookie card to date is limited to 99 copies is autographed, contains a piece of patch memorabilia embedded into the card, and recently sold on eBay for just over $15K.

I recently read a news report on the Beckett web site titled, “Crosby Cup RC Snapped Up At $10K” then on April 16, 2007 I researched the card on eBay and was amazed to find a single colored patch version of this card sold for in excess of 15K.

Normally a single colored patch sells for less than those with multiple colors but this one was special because it was serial numbered 87/99. 87 is Crosby’s jersey number.

Released during the 2005-06 NHL season, The Cup is the most expensive and ambitious hockey card set release to date.

The April 2007 issue of Beckett Hockey Collector magazine and price guide lists the book value of this hockey card at $4000 to $7500. The Beckett report early this April on their web site states that the 3 color patch version of this rookie card selling for $10,000 definitely indicates its book value will definitely be on the rise.

It’s no surprise to hockey fans involved with the hockey card collecting hobby that Sidney Crosby's rookie cards are climbing in value, but the amounts are amazing even to the most seasoned collectors.

Considering Sidney Crosby's accomplishments and talent its not just hockey card collectors who are after his cards. In fact, the story on Beckett's web site says, "a surprisingly large part of that demand is coming from well-heeled collectors who don't normally traffic in hockey cards. These folks simply know a good investment when they see it."

Should the young Sidney Crosby remain healthy his entire career, his skill and talent can only improve with experience. The question is not will his limited edition The Cup autographed patch rookie card increase in value but by how much?



Beckett News Story: Crosby Cup RC Snapped Up At $10K

This is an article I wrote last year when I discovered my Sidney Crosby Card was not a true rookie card. Its called: In Hockey What Exactly is a True Rookie Card? Plus A Look At Sidney Crosby’s First Rookie Cards.

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It’s no surprise to hockey fans involved with the hockey card collecting hobby that Sidney Crosby's rookie cards are climbing in value, but the amounts are amazing even to the most seasoned collectors. Windshield Replacement
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