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New Name!

Posted 9:41 PM ET | Comments 2
Sorry, but for those who may know me before as TheKingsGarden, I had to change my profile around due to a blue screen crash my laptop suffered last night.

When I get those, my computer automatically resets everything and I must log back into everything on the internet. Unfortunately, I must have failed to record my registration information because I could not get back in touch with my original profile.

So from now on, I will be writing under the pen name "royalgardens" and continue to blog on the Maple Leafs, Kings and the NHL as a whole.

To read my past blogs in which I started in January, here is a link to those:


I will be at the Blackhawks-Oilers game on Monday evening, therefore I will miss the Maple Leafs-Flyers match up from Philadelphia.

Should be back in time to catch the Kings-Ducks Free Way Face Off!
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