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Been a while, been replying mostly to posts from our Kings beat blogger Jason Lewis...what a great job he has done having taken over for the at times overbearing yet passionate Matthew Barry. Thanks for all of your work this season!

Some first period thoughts...lousy opening 20 for the Kings. Looking to finish the series on home ice in front of thousands of die hards I expect better than that. Lucky to be up 1-0. LA got off to a strong start, and got the first goal, but since the goal, very sloppy and overall just a mess of hockey unlike what we are used to.

Kopitar has given the puck away four times already, taken away with quite ease. Doughty trying to do way too much out there, trying to make plays like it's him versus the Rangers all by himself then takes a stupid cross checking call.

Voynov, again, who has been my main whipping boy this year, coughs up the puck with another lackadaisical effort leading to a pretty decent scoring chance for the Rangers then an ensuing penalty on Dustin Brown. Starting to think that Mr. Russian is simply not that good. Keep it up Willie! Age 37 still getting the job done better than his 11 year old younger counterpart.

The defense scares me...for the first time in a rather long time actually. Amazing they have accomplished so much with this current blue line. And when you got Doughty messing up, makes things even more dicey.

Quick looks a little shaky back there too...but the bottom line is that there is just 40 minutes to go, got the lead after playing a very sloppy period, perhaps the one of the weakest of this series for the Kings. Need to improve if the Cup will be awarded in a matter of hours from now. Good news, I don't think the Kings can play another period tonight as weak as that first one.

Get the next goal and start feeling good about yourselves. Keep skating and keep making the plays.

Hop onto the back of Mr. Justin Williams...he will take them to the Promised Land soon! Mr. Conn Smythe for sure when and if they win...

Update after the 2nd period...

2nd Period...I thought the Kings started to get their legs going, but their offensive zone game tonight is well off course. No real prime chances on Henrik Lundqvist after a few real good shifts. Kyle Clifford is doing all he can. Dustin Brown is doing all he can (keeping in mind a very lousy regular season and Olympics). Willie Mitchell is doing all he can.

Then a stupid high sticking penalty against Dwight King, who perhaps should not be in the lineup due to his consistent ineffectiveness for much of the season. The play was already made yet the high stick way on the other side of the ice away from your own net is unacceptable.

Did not like Darryl Sutters four man PK unit out there, especially Matt Greene who has proved all season long he cannot handle the PK duties, gets caught daydreaming and loses his man Kreider who has an easy tip in.

A chance near the end of the period on the PP, and once it again, my whipping boy, Mr. Russian (typical do not feel like I have to play hard earning my big American paycheck) Slava Voynov gets manhandled like a schoolboy and the former King castoff Brian Boyle snipes one top shelf on Quick who for some reason slid himself all the way out of the goal and basically gave Boyle an open net.

Really getting ticked off seeing Quick playing the puck behind the net. Stay in the damn goal. For all the starting goaltenders in the NHL, he is by far the worst puck moving goalie. Stay in the net. Let the defense do the work.

I am not liking this at all. Like much of the playoffs thus far, the Kings have disappointed more when they play at home. Maybe having home ice advantage is a bad thing.

More sloppy play. There is no team game or team concept in the offensive zone. This team needs it. They are not the Chicago Blackhawks who can get by scoring late goals on solely one individual effort (ala Patrick Kane game 6...)

If the Rangers can take this game, it could be full speed ahead to an improbably Cup win...especially with a guy like Lundqvist in goal.

Better step it up in the third...This is really an overall crap effort by the team that is supposedly the favorite in this series even more so after going up 3 games to none. Still, I think the Rangers have played a little better hockey in this series thus far. Maybe it is time for them to get their way...

End 3rd...Tied 2-2

What an exciting period after 40 minutes of sloppy, mish-mash Kings hockey. Now, at least the fans have the opportunity to see the Kings win the game, and the Cup on a sudden-death goal. How exciting for anyone in that building right now.

The penalty of Zuccarello could have gone either way, or better yet cancelled out. Finally though, the Kings found a way again to make something happen and get a much needed goal. The last chance by Muzzin didn't miss by much either.

With the game going to OT, I get the feeling that the Rangers have escaped, may have escaped the Kings gunning for their last big playmaking score.

No sport comes close to this kind of nail-biting drama. What fun...

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