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I really do not want to watch baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays are a complete disaster, trading for a bunch of has-beens and old men and those who have a history of injuries and being undependable. Plus, a dead ass manager who has already failed miserably with the same organization cannot help matters either.

My real baseball team I have followed all my life as my first true sports love may have came out of nowhere last September to stun the defending AL champs in the final week of the season, and have had a great movie filmed about them starring Brad Pitt, but I still do not want to get into them until the actual summer months, also a time when I do not have to be teaching little spoiled 7th and 8th graders which I am at the moment.

But due to the way the Kings and Maple Leafs are playing right now, playoff time, a time when they both need to step up their game, I may have no choice in a matter of days.

Most Toronto fans out there already know the Leafs are pretty much done for when facing the Boston Bruins, especially in a best-of-seven playoff series. But I don't think most Kings fans think the defending champs were not going to put up much of a fight against the weaker St. Louis Blues.

So far, giving the Blues some credit, they have skated hard to every puck, have out-hit the Kings and have dictated much of the play in the first two games. Why? Not sure. I am getting the feeling as if the Kings don't care so much in this postseason.

Not having Matt Greene, Alec Martinez and perhaps Willie Mitchell in the lineup hurts. Robyn Regehr, Keaton Ellerby and Jake Muzzin have all made glaring mistakes with the puck in their own zone and have also been flat out beaten along the boards as well as in the slot areas allowing for St. Louis to get some quality chances at Quick.

Last season's Manchester call-ups Dwight King and Jordan Nolan have done nothing at either ends of the ice, and tonight it was Nolan who took a really dumb penalty hacking the crap out of Adam Cracknell well before the face-off. Why? Not sure.

All King and Nolan have done is contributed minus ratings so far and still do not know how to shoot the puck.

Where in God's name has Anze Kopitar been? I cannot even remember the last time #11 got a decent shot on net let alone a goal. So far for him this series, 1 assist and a minus 2.

What about leading scorer, Jeff Carter? 0 goals, 0 points in both games, and a minus 2.

Enough of Colin Fraser. I want to see Tyler Toffoli take his place permanently. Fraser cannot even get the puck out of his own end without running into trouble.

Jonathan Quick has been stellar, except for losing his focus and allowed a pair of really bad goals to cost the Kings both games.

But the most frustrating part of tonight's B.S. loss, was that the Kings were able to create some quality scoring chances, but instead of taking advantage of them, elected not to shoot or get the puck hard onto the net and actually force Brian Elliot to come up with a difficult save. Most of LA's shots could have been stopped in his sleep.

Two goals in two games against a career backup goaltender in Brian Elliot is inexcusable.

Losing back to back road games in a building the Kings have owned, games in which LA should have been able to win, is inexcusable.

Losing this series is also inexcusable.
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