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Do the Kings want to play? Right now, they once again look like a team that really makes you wonder just how in God's green earth did THIS team win the Cup? A question I have asked quite a bit over the last couple of years despite the amazing success of this team come playoff time.

Just tuned into the game after getting back from seeing the new release "Unbroken", which I suggest that you all see at some point while it is still playing in theaters.

2-0 Edmonton after forty minutes.

Jonathan Quick in goal in a back-to-back situation.

Zero shots on goal for Anze Kopitar, Tanner Pearson, and Marian Gaborik (per Bob Miller).

Can I start getting pissed off now with the effort of this "championship" team?

When the Kings approach this part of the schedule each season, they seem to severely lack enthusiasm. I was nearly put to sleep last night watching the Kings and Flames. The only time they seemed interested in making SOMETHING happen was in the final seconds of the game on what should have been the final draw deep in the Calgary zone.

Hold a team to 15 shots and lose. A "championship" calibre team, losing a game in which the opposition gets next to diddly squat chances on goal and somehow they manage to beat you. As a "championship" team, you are the ones expected to win a game like that.

Tonight, the Kings "go-to" guys have done diddly squat. No shots on goal for some of the guys mentioned above is simply pathetic and inexcusable. Perhaps Mr. Sutter should consider benching Kopitar, Pearson and yes Gaborik (but wait, Gaborik will usually do that to himself!).

With Quick getting the start yet again, this tells me that Sutter and the Kings are "desperate" for a victory on the road (against the worst team in the West by far) and are not only losing in the meantime, but have not scored against one of the worst defensive teams and least confident teams in the NHL.

Quick should NOT be starting any back to back games. Especially the way this team approaches the regular season year after year. There is no reason to place a heavy workload on a starter at the end of December when all you care about is playoff hockey. Then again, last night was not a very hard task for Quick. But his "championship" team lost it.

These are your 2014-15 Los Angeles Kings. Defending "champions".



Thanks for the two Stanley Cups, but this recent effort is a joke.

We sure do have a mess on our hands with both the Maple Leafs and the Kings this season. Not a surprise with the Maple Leafs, we all saw this coming. But this season, I really do not see this team making a playoff spot if this poor play continues. The reason for the concern, is that in recent seasons past, the Kings were BETTER on the road.

Something needs to happen to get both of these teams going. Perhaps they can try and help each other out again with another big deal?
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