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The Looming Deadline

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I realize this may sound a little bit like andydrmm's recent blog which I had not read until I wrote this:
The Trade Deadline approaches!

Let's look at this glass half full. The young kids, or "585 line", are tearing it up. Brian Flynn has 3 points in just 3 games! Foligno has found his monster self again as well. Coach Rolston spent yesterday's practice focusing on the power play..about time. Hopefully we will see some sort of difference tomorrow night. Miller is still on his game and the break for his sinus infection is over and I cannot wait to see Saturday's game.

Now on Miller, a huge rumor has been spreading, with the appraoching trade deadline, that Los Angeles is interested in trading someone and Bernier for Miller. Now Bernier is not bad at all, but...Why would LA want two starting goalies? Jonathan Quick is an excellent, all-star, Stanley Cup winning goaltender. It would not make any sense at all, in my opinion. Now the other movable pieces that I could see us moving are players like Regher, Hecht, Stafford, or even Pomminville. Most likely of those being Regher. Honestly anyone on the roster could be moved at this point. I am interested in the rumors of LA looking at Regher because there are players on that team we could use. Obviously they would not move guys like Kopitar or Carter for Regher but still it could be interesting. I would love to hear that we were considering Mike Ribeiro, but we will see. I am curious what anyone reading my blog thinks. So please comment or vote here:

Who should the Sabres move?







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