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I Was Wrong

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The Flames were eliminated, and the frustrating thing is, this was a very winnable series.

The stats will tell you that Detroit nearly doubled the Flames' shot total. That is misleading. Sure, the Flames did play that badly, but they have the offensive talent and the toughness to compete with Detroit. Kiprusoff held up his end. Did anyone else?

The lack of cohesiveness on this team carried over from the regular season into the playoffs. Calgary has underachieved all year. This has to be corrected. The talent is there to win the Cup. The desire is not. Detroit was a beatable team.

I'm not one to call for the coach's head the minute things start going badly, but maybe Playfair isn't the right guy to steer this ship. I'm not saying he's not a good coach; I'm just sayng he might not be this team's best fit. This team needs someone who will keep them accountable, hold their feet to the fire. As this has been a problem all year, I don't think Playfair is doing this well enough.

A focused Flames team wins in six. This team was lucky to lose in six.

I don't see the Wings surviving Round 2, particularly if they draw the Sharks.

Good night, everyone.
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