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I've been thinking a lot lately about our upcoming Blueshirts.. some have only played a few games in the big league, while continuing to dominate the minor leagues, but I am curious what you all think about the following.

Dawes - Small guy, but great hands. He's a pure goal scorer..
Staal - Big guy, an offensive-defenseman from what I've read/seen... perhaps Leetch v2.0?
Bourett - Great hands, speed, style similar to Bure from what I've seen in videos.
Cherepanov - Probably the steal of the draft this year. Great hands, pure goal scorer.
Dubinsky - Rumored to be our 3rd line center. Good kid, hard worker, has offensive skills worth taking a look at.
Montoya - Will hopefully be another star goalie. I love Henrik, so perhaps Al will be trade bait.

That's all I have time for now. I want to know your impressions of our minor leaguers who are going to camp this season.. who do you think will make the team? who will be bound to the minors forever?
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