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Tonight, Martin Brodeur is facing off against the Blueshirts in the hopes of getting his 500th div...err.. win! It should be a great game because of the following:

1.) It's against the Rangers.
2.) It's the Rangers first time playing at the Tombstone (little inside joke there)
3.) It's Scottie Gomez's first game on the Devils' ice
4.) Sean Avery and Marty are great pals!
5.) This game will pretty much determine whether Avery is an asset or a detriment (due to the negative press from Toronto) worth long-term consideration

I cannot wait for the puck to drop.. I guess until then it's Call of Duty 4 on Xbox Live (tehPraXis = tag if you want to join).

We have two very important games at hand. If we beat the Devils tonight, it will be the first time since the 93-94 season that we go up 3-0-0 against them in the season.. we all remember what happened then, right? right??

I hope the attendance starts growing there, as the new arena is awesome.

Tomorrow night, we play the Flyers on their home ice. I would normally grace my presence in my Bure jersey and have some fun with the locals, but I cannot make the game.

We win these two games, and we are first in the Atlantic.


One down, one to go.

We played excellent hockey yesterday. Our youth is showing they can step it up, and our veteran leadership is as expected.

I feel bad for Brodeur though. Not that he lost his potential 500th, but that he really has no help in front of him. He just doesn't look like the Marty of old, either.

Not to say he should hang them up, but Lou needs to make some serious considerations to his blueline, or even his coaching staff.

Sean Avery was very calm yesterday. He played good hockey, but watched his mouth... maybe a little too much. Hopefully, he can throw Richards off his game again tonight, as well as Briere.
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November 15, 2007 3:10 PM ET | Delete
Dude your a dirtbag if you think its alright for someone to go up to another person and say something about them having cancer what if it happend to you would you like someone rubbing it in your face that you have cancer. Avery has a big mouth and hes gonna get his ass kicked because of it. So if u think thats ok then your just a straight up dirtbag
November 15, 2007 3:19 PM ET | Delete
He never made a comment about Blake's cancer. Blake was asked more than once about it and denied it. No one except Berger has stated that he said that, not even Tucker, so stop making assumptions. Yes, Avery has a big mouth, but he wouldn't be preparing a libel case if he was innocent.
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