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Imagine you wake up one day feeling a little bit weird. You can't quite put your finger on it but something is definitely wrong. Things just seem... a bit off.

But hey it's a Tuesday and unless it is magically Friday; who cares.

So you go about your day and eventually find yourself opening up your hockey apps to find out the reason you felt so peculiar.

You're in an alternate universe!!

Because a tarde you are reading about is blowing your mind.

Carey Price + Alex Galchenyuk for Leon Draisitl+ Ryan Strome+ Cam Talbot

Carey Price, the second coming of St. Patrick, is dealt out of town in a completely unexpected move by Marc Bergevin. Just days after signing the biggest contract awarded to a goalie, Bergevin stuns the hockey universe and deals him to Edmonton along with unsigned RFA Alex Galchenyuk. Montreal who has been in the market for a top line centre acquires RFA and soon to be signed 8 year @ 9mil centre Leon Draisital in addition to Ryan Strome and Cam Talbot.

You read that the trade happened earlier and that Bergevin has already addressed a hostile media and fan base....

Reporter: Marc!? How do you rationalize to the fans dealing away the best goaltender in the league, and perhaps the world?

Bergevin: Well I will let history decide how it views the trade. I think that dealing Carey was the only move that could push us over the top. Carey gave us a chance to win every night. He was outstanding in every sense of the word. But we didn't give him a chance to win every night. Often times we lacked the offensive-punch to drive home our advantage. He would get us to within victory and bail us out repeatedly when we needed him;but we couldn't do the same for him.

He would make 50 saves and we couldn't get single a goal. In the end we thought that maybe we were going about it the wrong way. We seemed to be chasing the wrong identity as every year we seemed to come up short offensively.

So... after consulting with owners and management we decided to create a new identity for the Canadiens. One that required more contribution from the forwards and less reliance on stellar goal tending to keep them in it.

Reporter: So you just gave up on him?

Marc: No.. We gave up trying to win 1 goal games all the time. Montreal traditionally has been a defensive minded team, in part because of the goalie, but as well because we lacked the skilled forwards to do anything else. We looked to address our fundamental weakness at centre by acquiring one very fantastic player and another one who has the room to grow into one.

We of course gave up a very talented goalie but we also received one back. Talbot in addition to the scoring depth we added will I think do just as well as Carey did in the win column.

Reporter: Was Galchenyuk part of the deal because you couldn't come to terms?

Bergevin: Not at all. Alex was very interested in remaining a Canadien. Given enough time we would have come to a deal with him. Unfortunately though for us, if you are looking to acquire the type of skill we did; you are going to have to give up good players.

BUT..I think with the moves today the team will have a greater chance to win in future.. We have given ourselves more depth than we have had in years at centre. You need that these days. You need more than just good goal tending to win.

Reporter: But aren't you afraid this will turn out like the Roy trade over twenty years ago?

Bergevin: Well that's really different...

Reporter: How so, didn't he go on to win a cup?

*Bergevin quickly clicks a switch concealed in his hand and the lights go out. When the lights are turned back on a small note remains on the podium.

"I am not Réjean Houle".

Meanwhile in Edmonton...

Reporter: Peter, what do you have to say about today's blockbuster?

Chiarelli: Well I'm very happy with how today went. We added one of the best goalies in the world to our crease today. As well, we received a highly skilled young forward who has the potential to grow into a great centre.

Reporter: Did you not have a great forward already in Draisitl, and a prospect such as Strome? And for that matter a great goalie as well in Talbot?

Chiarelli: Of course we did. All those players were outstanding. But I think I've proven that I'm not afraid to make a trade if I think it will improve the club. Talby was a great keeper for us. He kept us in numerous games that defensively.. we weren't up to task.

....But Carey Price is the type of goalie who wins you those games. I felt that with the group we have up front and with the defense in front of him, we really have a better shot today of winning than we did yesterday. It wasn't an easy trade to make but I truly believe it was the right one.

Reporter: Don't you worry that you've traded away a potential star centre in Draisitl?

Chiarelli: Of course I worried about that. But you can't spend all the time worrying about "what ifs". Because on the other hand we have one of the best centres already in the league, and we got back a pretty decent one back ourselves. I feel that we have greater flexibility moving forward with what we did. Cap is a factor here. There is only so much cap you can alot to centre positions. Goaltending wins cups after all.

Reporter: But what about Pitts..

*A smoke bomb is dropped concealing Chiarelli with only a fading echo of laughter remaining when it clears*
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July 6, 2017 12:50 PM ET | Delete
This is awesome! I think Price will be traded to the Thrashers!
July 6, 2017 1:20 PM ET | Delete
Lol. I hear they are looking at bringing back Hossa and Heatley too! Thrashers for the cup in 2017-18!
July 6, 2017 1:39 PM ET | Delete
Yeah, they will lose in the 5th round of the playoffs.
July 6, 2017 1:39 PM ET | Delete
So no, they won't win the cup, they will lose in round 5.
July 6, 2017 2:40 PM ET | Delete
5th round is still pretty good. They may see the Hartford Whalers there. They are dynamite in the playoffs according to my NHL 94.
July 6, 2017 10:39 PM ET | Delete
who's that guy that got 800 points this year for the Thrashers? Is his name Evgeny Svechnkikov? It is, right?
July 6, 2017 10:39 PM ET | Delete
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