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Tonight’s main slate featured 12 games, in my breakdown I highlighted the games I thought would be most conducive to fantasy scoring and some players I thought would be good plays. In the After Action Review I go back over the games and players I highlighted to hold myself accountable and see what adjustments I can make going forward.

Calgary Flames @ Edmonton Oilers

Players Highlighted:

Rasmus Andersson ($5,000 DK, $4,000 FD)
Andersson registered 1 assist, 2 shots on goal and 1 blocked shot. A solid if unspectacular performance, his price tag on each slate made this scoring output tolerable but when the Flames put 47 shots on goal and have 4 power play opportunities, we’d like to see more from their top offensive defenseman.

Elias Lindholm ($6,300 DK, $6,400 FD)
Lindholm came through with a goal, 3 shots on goal and 2 blocked shots. A good performance that definitely helped those who rostered him at his fair price tag. Again with 47 shots on goal by his team you might’ve like to see him hit 5+ for the bonus and he came up just 1 blocked shot from that bonus as well but Lindholm is still considered a win for tonight.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins ($4,700 DK, $6,300 FD)
Sheesh this was mostly a whiff, it’s tough to disappoint if you record at least 1 point but even the assist wasn’t able to save RNH’s night as he recorded literally nothing else. He still logged heavy power play and penalty kill minutes but he just couldn’t find the opportunities tonight.

This was my favorite game of the night, and despite some uneven performances by some of my favorite plays I’m still happy with the thought process I had going into this game and anyone that got plenty of exposure to this game should’ve been happy with the results. The game delivered 7 total goals, 8 total power play opportunities and a tantalizing 80 shots on goal, exactly what the breakdown tries to identify.

Winnipeg Jets @ San Jose Sharks

Players Highlighted:

Jonathan Dahlen ($3,500 DK, N/A FD)
Dahlen was an absolute value play because of his potential top 6 role. He delivered just 1 shot on goal and not much else, I consider him an L for tonight’s slate but missing on a $3,500 priced player is going to happen more times than not.

Andrew Copp ($4,200 DK, $3,900 FD)
Copp got us a short handed goal which was nice, it would’ve been nicer if he could have done something else too, like literally anything else. At his price tags he didn’t sink our lineups but it’s kind of hard not to feel like there was a missed opportunity by not being able to build off of the SH goal.

Nikolaj Ehlers ($6,100 DK, $6,800 FD)
The more expensive counter part of my Copp recommendation Ehlers absolutely disappointed with only 2 shots on goal to show for his efforts tonight. A guy with high expectations and a great role on the team that I expect to have better days ahead, but tonight could not be described as a better day.

Once again the breakdown nailed the game environment, with 7 total goals and 8 total power play opportunities this was another game that offered one of the best fantasy environments on the night. However the specific players highlighted definitely left plenty to be desired. But I still consider this a win, the ultimate goal of the breakdown is to find high fantasy scoring environments.

St. Louis Blues @ Colorado Avalanche

Players Highlighted:

Cale Makar ($6,800 DK, $6,800 FD)
Makar gave us 1 assist, 3 shots on goal and 1 blocked shot. That stat line isn’t terrible by definitely is underwhelming for a player who had a major opportunity to become his team’s offensive focal point tonight. His higher price tag made a score like this difficult to swallow.

Andre Burakovsky ($5,300 DK, $5,400 FD)
1 goal and 4 shots on goal isn’t exactly a huge night but Burakovsky certainly delivered for his price tag and was just 1 shot off the bonus which would’ve made this a huge win. As it stands this was a solid plays that definitely helped more than it hurt lineups.

Vladimir Tarasenko ($4,700 DK, $7,000 FD)
Tarasenko is basically RNH part 2 of tonight’s slate for me. There was some positives, his power play role and the 4 shots on goal and the 2 blocks shots were a pleasant surprise but he ultimately failed to reach the ceiling his FD price demanded and wasn’t quite the great value play he could’ve been on DK.

The breakdown went 3 for 3 on game environments tonight, totaling a slate high 8 goals with 60 total shots and 5 power play opportunities, this game gave fantasy managers and DFS players plenty of avenues to fantasy success. Nights like this are an example of how important game environment is, on a night when only one other game reach 7 total goals (CHI/PIT) having exposure to any or all of these three games should have delivered a successful night.
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