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Here in the breakdown we’re going to identify the games with the best fantasy scoring environments for everyday of the NHL season. To do this we’re going to look at teams’ scoring chances for (SCF), scoring chances against (SCA), high danger chances for (HDF), high danger chances against (HDA), power play opportunities (PPO) and power play opportunities against (PPOA). The reason for applying those stats to this particular exercise is because they are the best indicator of a team’s scoring opportunities and we want to identify games with teams that possess the best combination of quality and quantity of scoring opportunities. I’ll also offer some of my favorite individual plays from each game using average time on ice (ATOI), average power play time on ice (PPTOI) and team role. We’ll be looking for players on one of the top two scoring lines and players on one of a team’s power play units.

We have a massive eleven game slate tonight, I apologize for the late posting of the Breakdown, I still have a day job to work and that took up a lot of my time today, I still wanted to get you at least one of my favorite games tonight though.

Vancouver Canucks @ Seattle Kraken

Totals: Highest 6 DK 5.5 FD 6

All season long I will be game stacking Canucks games, they constantly are near the top of the league in all scoring chances categories both for and against. In their first five games only 1 of them had less than 5 goals and two of them had 7 or more. Their rankings reflect their fantasy friendly game environments, ranking 9th in SCF (86), 4th in SCA (104), 13th in HDF (24) and 9th in HDA (29). The Canucks average 6 goals, 68 total shots on goal and 6.6 power plays a game. Their opponent the expansion Seattle Kraken have only had 1 out of their 5 games feature less than 6 goals and their rankings reflect a team that gives up plenty of opportunities to their opponents. Seattle checks in at 14th in the SCF (82), 2nd in SCA (106), 2nd in HDF (30) and 8th in HDA (29). Five games into the season the Kraken games average 6 goals, 55 total shots on goal and 5 power plays. Both of these teams provide their opponents with plenty of chances to get on the scoreboard while they also possess enough offensive talent of their own to take advantage of every defensive mistake. Expect this game to be one of the highest scoring on the slate with a great chance to be the highest scoring game overall.
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