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The After Action Review is my way of holding myself accountable and identifying adjustments going forward. Tonight’s slate only had four games and I picked out two that I believed would deliver potent fantasy environments.

New York Rangers @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Players Highlighted:

Nick Ritchie ($3,400 DK, $4,200 FD)
All Ritchie managed to do was record a shot on goal and one blocked shot. That’s absolutely disappointing from a top line player who also receives power play time, but Ritchie is on the upswing and is going to have a good season, I’m going back to this well again even after tonight’s L.

Morgan Rielly ($5,800 DK, $6,200 FD)
Rielly put up 1 assist, 4 shots on goal and 2 blocked shots. He had a solid night and certainly helped the fantasy managers who put them in his lineup. His night could’ve been so much better however since he was 1 shot and 1 blocked shot away from both bonuses, a 10 point swing.

Alexis Lafreniere ($3,300 DK, $5,300 FD)
So um yea, if you didn’t watch the game you probably would’ve assumed Lafreniere didn’t play… that’s all I really have, this was a full blown L tonight.

A game that I thought could’ve been the highest scoring game tonight and filled with fantasy possibilities certainly disappointed. Hitting on Morgan Rielly saved some face and is certainly a W but overall the Breakdown missed on this game.

St. Louis Blues @ Arizona Coyotes

Players Highlighted:

Phil Kessel ($4,800 DK, $4,700 FD)
The ol’ veteran delivered but not with his vintage shot that I expected, with 3 assists and 2 shots on goal Kessel was an absolute benefit to every lineup he was in and showed that he still has plenty left in the tank.

Shayne Gostisbehere ($5,200 DK, $4,100 FD)
Gostisbehere also put up 3 assists with 1 shot on goal and 2 blocked shots. The blocked shots were a nice addition since those aren’t normally part of Ghost Bear’s game but it would’ve been nice to really get the pay off and have him hit the bonus. However we can’t be mad at a 3 point night.

Brandon Saad ($4,600 DK, $4,400 FD)
Well nothing is perfect and Saad’s dismal 1 shot on goal stat line ensured that my player picks on this game weren’t. We have to mark this one down as another L tonight.

At 7-4 this game was easily the highest scoring game of the night, despite the Philadelphia Flyers best efforts to singlehandedly carry their game to that distinction. Nailing the game environment and hitting on 2 out of 3 player picks is a big win for the Breakdown and balances out the dumpster fire that was the NYR/TOR game prediction.
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