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Here in the environmental study we’re going to identify the games with the best fantasy scoring environments for everyday of the NHL season. To do this we’re going to look at teams’ scoring chances for (SCF), scoring chances against (SCA), high danger chances for (HDF), high danger chances against (HDA), power play opportunities (PPO) and power play opportunities against (PPOA). The reason for applying those stats to this particular exercise is because they are the best indicator of a team’s scoring opportunities and we want to identify games with teams that possess the best combination of quality and quantity of scoring opportunities.

Colorado Avalanche @ New York Rangers

Totals: Highest 6 DK 6 FD 6

The Colorado Avalanche (13-7-2) wrap up a five game road trip tonight against the New York Rangers (17-4-3). The goal totals of the first four games of this road trip are 11, 5, 11 and 12.

The Avs high amount of PPO (87, 3.95/game) and exceptional shot volume (741, 33.68/game) are made even more lethal because of their phenomenal shooting efficiency (8.8% 3rd). While their special teams and shooting numbers a great, Colorado’s five on five chance numbers leave aren’t as exciting, ranking 22nd in SCF (480, 21.81/game) and 27th in HDF (136, 6.18/game).

The Avs defense allows quite a few shots against (666, 30.27/game) but limits their opponents in most other aspects. They rank 31st in SCA (418, 19/game) and 25th in HDA (142, 6.45/game) while also not giving up many man advantage opportunities, PPOA (62, 2.81/game).

Fresh off a home and home sweep of the Blackhawks and winners of six straight the Rangers look to keep their winning streak alive. Their games have featured 5 or more goals in six of their last seven.

The Rangers have below average scoring chance numbers, ranking 24th in SCF (467, 19.45/game) and 22nd in HDF (143, 5.95/game). Their amount of PPO (70, 2.91/game) and shot volume (682, 28.41/game) aren’t very exciting either but their top ten shooting percentage (8.1% 9th) has their offense producing in a highly efficient manner.

Defensively the Rangers offer more hope for some scoring and fantasy points, ranking 11th in SCA (556, 23.16/game) and 16th in HDA (160, 6.66/game). They’re also facing over thirty shots against (760, 31.66/game) per game and contending with a fair amount of PPOA (72, 3/game).

On a small slate like tonight it’s difficult to find matchups that separate themselves, while this game isn’t perfect it is the highest totaled game and both offenses have great ceilings.

Dallas Stars @ Vegas Golden Knights

Totals: Highest 5.5 DK 5.5 FD 5.5

The Vegas Golden Knights (14-10-0) play host to the Dallas Stars (13-7-2) for tonight’s matchup as they continue their four game home stand. Vegas has won their last two games and their last fifteen games have seen 5 or more goals.

All season the Knights have been a team to target for fantasy purposes with healthy shot volume (787, 32.79/game) and excellent shooting percentage (8.6% 4th), their only offensive blemish is a lack of PPO (56, 2.33/game). The scoring chance numbers are great as well, ranking 9th in SCF (555, 23.12/game) and 3rd in HDF (203, 8.45/game).

It’s not just the Knights’ offense that is fantasy friendly, their defense has been letting all their opponents get their opportunities. They rank 6th in SCA (581, 24.2/game) and 2nd HDA (193, 8.04/game) while contending with an average amount of PPOA (68, 2.83/game) and plenty of shots against (787, 32.79/game).

The Stars have won seven in a row and nine of their last ten game as they head to the desert for their matchup with Vegas. Seventeen of the Stars last eighteen games featured 5+ goals.

Despite the high goal totals in their recent games Dallas’ offensive numbers underwhelm, ranking 28th in SCF (454, 20.63/game) and 24th in HDF (138, 6.27/game) while drawing just a mediocre amount of PPO (61, 2.77/game). Their shot volume (652, 29.63/game) and shooting efficiency (7% 23rd) aren’t scaring many defenses either.

The Stars defense doesn’t look like it’s going to be much help from a fantasy perspective as well, ranking 30th in SCA (423, 19.22/game) and 31st in HDA (113, 5.13/game). They do at least put their opponents on the power play a decent amount, PPOA (68, 3.09/game) and face a good amount of shots against (662, 30.09/game).

Another imperfect matchup, Dallas’ games have being seeing a good amount of goals recently and the Knights always seem to play a wide open offensive type of game. Hopefully Vegas can drive the play in this one and push the Stars to their offensive ceiling.
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