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"Dreamin's all I got"
Granton, ON • Canada • 34 Years Old • Male
I've been asking myself who would be the best player to be captain and lead the Leafs moving forward, and I have come to the conclusion Scott Hartnell is the man. He is perfect, a gritty full of heart player who can pot you a few points and put slackers in their place. In addition he is under contract for 4 more years after the 08-09 season. The only problem.............he plays for Philly.

This problem could be easily solved by convincing Tomas Kaberle to waive his NTC which will be nullified this coming off-season. The deal would look like this;

To Philly: Kaberle, Tlusty and a 3rd round pick

To Toronto: Hartnell, James van Riemsdyk, 1st round pick

This deal would greatly service both teams and the cap hit is very close especially if Tlusty is in the AHL. Both teams get exactly what they need, Toronto a big strong leader, a potential first line player and higher draft pick. Philly would get a dynamic puck moving D-man, a solid second line prospect and a lower round pick.

What do you think? Would you do the deal, change it, or forget it all together?

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November 12, 2008 3:48 PM ET | Delete
One problem with this proposal.. as much as I like Czech players, we dont need ot want Tlusty and no way we are trading JVR. Kaberle for Hartnell straight up or with picks thrown in would be a much more feasible trade... or throw in Poni and we give you Albers or Kukkonen.
November 13, 2008 2:28 PM ET | Delete
To get the package you want i believe it would have to look something like this;Kaberle, a 1st round pickforHartnell, James van Riemsdyk (3rd round pick?)You've got to remember JVR went 2nd overall in a pretty deep draft. Our first this year will not be a top 3 pick unless we win the lottery...At this cost I would not be interested. The deal I would be more interested in making would involve Fletcher prying Nash out of Columbus....he's off to a slow start and only has this year and next left on his contract before he's a UFA...and I would be willing to bet he won't sign back with Columbus.
November 13, 2008 7:07 PM ET | Delete
Both good ideas. The only reason I chose JVR in the deal is he is the only prospect (up front) that I would want. Either way the two main cogs of teh deal would be Kaberle and Hartnell
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