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"Dreamin's all I got"
Granton, ON • Canada • 34 Years Old • Male
First off I have to say that I am a die hard Maple Leaf fan, please don't hold that against me. More so I am a fan of the game, I can watch any game at anytime and find it enjoyable. So for those who are like me, if you could buy 1 crested jersey NOT from your favorite team who would it be and why? Which do you have already? Please do not include National team jerseys.

Right now I have an Atlanta Thrashers jersey crested with Heatley that I got from the NHLPA. Heatley is one of my favorite players which hurts because he is a Leaf killer. I also really like the Thrashers logo on the old jersey with the Blue red and yellow "Thrasher bird" head on it.

If I was to buy one right now I would get Chicago vintage with Toews crested onto it. I believe that he is one of the great young leaders in the game who will spend a lot of years in Chicago. While watching the Winter Classic it made me realize that all of the original 6 vintage jerseys are something else.

Which would you get?
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