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While the expectations on the Maple Leafs are significantly lower than that of their provincial rivals they both have glaring problems. The Leafs need a solid top 4 scorer while the Sens need some back end help...goal tending to be precise.

The Sens are a little worse for ware as they were slated to be a contender for the eastern conference title, not the basement. Not to mention they are close to the cap with only about 3 million in wiggle room.

The Leafs on the other hand have over 7 million in CAP space and don't have to worry about being playoff bound this season, in fact a basement finish is just what the doctor ordered.

Here is how these hated rivals could go along way in helping each other.

To Ottawa; CAP hit 10.4

Toskala (4)
Kubina (5)
Steen (1.7)
3rd round pick (essentially a late second with where the Leafs could finish)

To Toronto: CAP hit 10.7

Spezza (7)
Gerber (3.7)
1st round pick

Here in lies the problem both Kubina and Spezza have no trade clauses in their contracts. Kubina's is void in the summer of 09 so moving him should be possible.

Both Spezza and Steen could benefit greatly from a change of scenery. With Spezza in the fold it may actually make sense to re-sign Antropov. Here is a look at the top 2 lines and 4 d-man of each team following this deal.

Antropov-Spezza- Kulimen
Hagman- Stajan - Grabovski

Kaberle- Finger
Schenn- Coliacovo

Alfedson- Steen- Heatley
Vermette- Fisher - Schubert

Philips- Volchenkov
Kubina- Kuba

Toskala is under contract for 1 more year at 4 million where are Gerber's contract expires on July 1 09. The Leafs could fetch a second rounder for Gerber if there is a team heading in to the post season looking for some insurance in goal. The CAP hit for Gerber from deadline on would be about 1 million and on an expiring contract it is an attractive trade possibility for teams in need.

The edge in this deal is leaning towards the Leafs slightly, however the Sens have got to win soon, if not soon, NOW! The leafs have time to build, I mean 41 years what is another 3?

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November 21, 2008 11:56 AM ET | Delete
i like it. but i dont see it happening. pogge also hasnt proven himself yet to be ready for the show so the leafs goaltending could be a real mess for several years if toskala is traded.
November 21, 2008 12:20 PM ET | Delete
I hope we never land Spezza at any price he is to expensive. We already have a older version of him in Jason Blake. Spezza might score more but he really does not add value. When the playoffs comes he is no where to be found.
November 21, 2008 1:41 PM ET | Delete
he had 22 points in 20 games two playoffs ago and 14 in 10 the year before. that doesn't sound like nowhere to be found to me. the guy is a stud and hes only 25. he just needs to get out of ottawa. i'd take him any day of the week at 7 per. thats a steal for a guy like him especially since hes locked up for another 6 years. pay a little more attention and you'll realize your comparison to jason blake is absolutely ridiculous.either way ottawa wont trade him unless theyre getting offense back.
November 21, 2008 1:54 PM ET | Delete
your response to me about paying attention is not necessary, you have every right to disagree with me without suggesting I am an idiot just because I do not share the same opinion as you do. its this type of response that can lead to hard feelings. your intitled to your opinion and I am to mine. I never have liked this guy. now for sure maybe he is nothing like a jason blake no way I would want to see him in a LEAFs jersey.
November 21, 2008 8:02 PM ET | Delete
I wouldn't mind him, he is young enough and Wilson is a coach who can really push him. As for giving up Toskala, it could be damaging but we don't need to be competitive for at least 1 more full season. By then if Pogge is not ready then we can go the UFA route. On the other hand we could make a play for Lehtonen from Atlanta, they want to unload him.
November 23, 2008 1:09 AM ET | Delete
I like it, I think Spezza would be a better player under Wilson and hes young enough to buy into any system. The first round pick helps in the long run. I would use a different combo on the lines, but also make another move or two to compliment the lines and types of players to address the needs on each line. Tosks is definetely off to a rough start but he will turn things around I'm sure. I would also bring up Poggge for at least 6-8 games of NHL experience, who knows he may warrant staying.
November 23, 2008 9:25 AM ET | Delete
I believe that Toskala will get stronger as the season goes. Which is what would make him a very attractive trade commodity. I would further look to poach Lehtonen from ATL as they are unhappy with him and want to trade him. That would give you a platoon of Pogge and Lehtonen for next year
November 23, 2008 10:51 AM ET | Delete
LOL @ TMLfan4ever,I can't believe you compared a 90 point getter to Rob Blake!!! hahahahaha!And how does the author feel the sens problem lies with goaltending? Auld is way outperforming Toskala this season. It's secondary scoring that is of the greatest concern. And why would you guys want a 4 million dollar no show like Gerber just sucking up money you could use elsewhere! As a sens fan, I can't wait to get rid of him! This proposed deal makes zero sense.
November 23, 2008 10:52 AM ET | Delete
rob blake = jason blake
November 23, 2008 12:24 PM ET | Delete
I'd do it cause Gerber if a pending UFA so it won't matter after this year and it clears cap room making the deal more attractive to the Sens. Auld is playing great right now, however he won't be able to sustain the play. Toskala is off to a slow start but everyone in the league knows what he is capable of doing. Secondary scoring would pick up with a major shake like this due to the fact players would think they are next in line to go.
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