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"Hockey Wife -- The Lighter Side of the Puck"
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I got to check out Preds practice today. Squeal! So much fun.

Training camp hasn't started yet. These are just informal practice sessions with the players who are already in town. Since Hockey Husband has to work during the day, it's my duty to go and document practice when he can't be there. I took almost 200 pictures.

It was great to see the guys back on the ice. I got to watch them for about an hour. They are working hard, and they looked great!

For most of the practice, I was the only fan there, which made me a little self-conscious. There will be quite a crowd during training camp, but these practices aren't posted on the Preds web site or anything, so not many people know about them. I confirmed with the practice facility that today's session was open to the public, but I still tried to be fairly inconspicuous just in case I wasn't supposed to be there.

Some of the players attending today's practice: Erat, Hordichuk, Dumont, Gelinas, Legwand, Mason. There were more, but I am TERRIBLE at recognizing the players, especially when they are wearing helmets.

The rink was in a bit of disarray -- the facility is adding new bleachers to the area, which is awesome. When large crowds would gather during practices later in the season, I used to worry about someone falling off the back of the bleachers. This season Pred nation will find a much larger, nicer seating area complete with safety rails. Hurray!

I am thankful that the Predators organization lets the fans watch practices. Other teams charge just to let fans get a glimpse of them on the ice. I think the public practice policy is a great way to help Nashvillians catch hockey fever and turn them form casual spectators to fans with Fang Fever!

Some pics from today:

New Bleachers

Nice Save!

Puck Pursuit

Look, I Snuck Over to the Bench
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