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Preds Win, Fans Chat

Posted 12:52 AM ET | Comments 0
Woohoo! Go Preds!

What a great start to our season. A shutout from Chris Mason, a bit of "enforcement" from Tootoo, a couple of goals from Arnott, and a packed arena. For a couple of hours tonight I was able to forget all the craziness going on with the possible sale of the Preds and just enjoy the hockey game.

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon at Preds games.

When I go to a game with <a href="paulnich.blogspot.com">Hockey Husband</a>, he usually shares his opinions of the game with me and/or one of his buddies. He talks about lines, ice time, player injuries, the usual stuff.

His conversations sometimes attract attention from surrounding fans who are curious about his opinions. As a result, by the end of the game, several complete strangers are chatting with my husband about hockey.

It's just funny to me -- apparently some Preds fans are starved for hockey discussion and are delighted to find someone with whom they can trade opinions and banter. Is that common, or is that one of the delightful charms of a Southern hockey fans?

They obviously need to spend more time on HockeyBuzz.com.
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