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"Hockey Wife -- The Lighter Side of the Puck"
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Not So Bright Stars

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Wow, another great night at the Sommet Center! The Preds beat the Dallas Stars 5 -1. Good stuff.

The game started off with a fight between Tootoo and Krystofer Barch. Unfortunately, Tootoo was on the losing end of that one, which was unusual for him. Hordichuk took care of it, though, by challenging Brad Winchester to a fight at the next face-off.

I remember being horrified by the fights when I first started attending hockey games. How can anyone cheer two guys beating up one another? Now I've adapted to it as an important part of the game, and you'll hear me cheering with everybody else. I've come to realize that the enforcers train for the fights and expect them. Heck, often they plan them. Tonight, I saw Hordy tap the Dallas player with his stick before the face-off, letting him know he wanted to fight. It's like a gentleman's agreement, or something.

The highlight of the night was Legwand's hat trick, which was doubly exciting for me since Leggy is on my fantasy NHL team. That was also fun because we had seats in the lower bowl tonight, and I've never had seats that close on a hat trick night. <a href="http://paulnich.blogspot.com">Hockey Husband's</a> hat actually landed on the ice when he threw it, and for some reason I found that wonderfully fun.

So yeah, we had awesome seats tonight, but I have to say that I miss my seats up by Cellblock 303. Sitting near the ice gives me a better shot at catching free t-shirts thrown to the crowd, but it's much harder to watch the game. I've got lower bowl tickets again for Thursday's game against Phoenix, but then I'll return to the crazies up in the Cellblock.

Extra Shout Outs:
--Chris Mason for an incredible start to the season
--Greg Zanon for throwing his body in front of the puck countless times
--The hockey fans from Toronto who were sitting behind me -- thanks for coming to the game!

P.S. -- We didn't sing the National Anthem before the game tonight. Instead, someone sang "God Bless America." Was that to deny Stars fans the opportunity to perform their traditional "STARS!" yell during the anthem?
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October 8, 2007 2:03 PM ET | Delete
To answer your last question regarding the national Anthem: That shows how classless and disrespectful you Nashville fans are. It's the national Anthem of our country, so let's sing it no matter what team is playing at your home. Secondly I like to let you know that you Nashville fans are nothing but bunch of classless fans, who have no respect for one of the GREATEST of the GAME and of the AMERICAN GREATEST hockey players, MIKE MODANO. Also Barch showed a lot of class not to hurt "little" Tootoo after Tootoo had his jersey over his head, but Hordichuk had no respect or class in his fight with Winchester, and as Winchester was down on the ice, Hordichuk was still punching at him. Again, you Nashville fans can suck up this win, as it will be your last again the STARS this season.
October 9, 2007 11:39 PM ET | Delete
I was going to leave a few words but what else can I say...nicely put Kahockey!
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