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Got Your Gear?

Posted 12:10 AM ET | Comments 1
Preds fans, do you have your fan-wear for the upcoming season?

Much of Pred Nation grabbed their gear during the Save the Predators rally, when the pro shop at the Sommet Center was having a crazy-go-nuts sale. However, if you missed that event, you still have time to grab shirts and jerseys from various places around town.

I needed to replace the Vokoun t-shirt I wore to most of the games last year, so I went to SportSeasons today and grabbed a Chris Mason shirt for $14.99. SportSeasons is still trying to clear out last season's merchandise, so you can get some great deals. They had the mustard-colored third jerseys in adult sizes for $50 (although those jerseys are doubly defunct, since third jerseys have been outlawed AND the Preds will be sporting a new look this year).

I also found a long-sleeved Forsberg shirt for the bargain price of $4.99. I generally try to stick with current Preds as far as my merchandise goes, but hey, Forsberg hasn't signed with anyone else yet, and a girl can hope, right? Plus, the man is a legend, so I am proud to say he was on the Preds, even if he doesn't return.

If you need to have the newest and best Preds gear before the season opens, remember that you can pre-order the new jerseys from the Sommet Center pro shop and SportSeasons.
September 4, 2007 10:51 AM ET | Delete
Don't forget - Sports Seasons said they'll be getting the new jerseys around Sept 15th. So we'll go check them out then too. Either to get the new ones, or grab the old ones when they go on even deeper discount.
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