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"Hockey Wife -- The Lighter Side of the Puck"
Nashville, TN • United States • 29 Years Old • Female
So, the draft for my fantasy hockey league was this weekend. I went second from last, so my top picks (the usual -- Crosby, Ovechkin, Chris Mason) were long gone. I got most of my other requested players, though.

This is going to be a tough league. In addition to my Hockey Husband, who is running the league, we have Hockey Buzz bloggers Paul McCann and Brandon Felder, plus The Forechecker.

I'm going to die.

Hockey Husband thinks I need to make some trades to have a chance of surviving in the league. Specifically, he thinks I need to dump Greg Zanon and Darcy Hordichuk to pick up some guys who will get me better stats.

"But I LOVE Zanon and Hordichuk," I complain. "They are my favorite players."

"I'm just saying...." Hockey Husband starts, then gives up. There is no reasoning with a stubborn Hockey Wife.

Here's the thing. Should I play fantasy hockey to win, or to have fun? I guess for some people, having fun = winning.

I did branch out some this year, drafting a few players with whom I am not familiar just because their stats are good. But come on, I gotta keep a few of my favorites, even if they warm the bench most of the time.

So here's my roster as it stands now:

Alexander Radulov
Joe Sakic
Mike Modano (Should I drop him because I don't like him?)
David Legwand
Chris Drury
Patrik Elias
Mattias Ohlund
Stephane Robidas
Ryan Suter
Bryan Allen
Erik Cole (I picked him because that's my councilman's name)
Martin Gelinas
Greg Zanon
Darcy Hordichuk
Markus Naslund
Nikolai Khabibulin
Manny Legace
Daniel Manzato

I'm definitely happy with the number of Preds I have on the team. Enough that I get to cheer EXTRA loud whenever one of "my" players do something cool in a game, but not so many that if they all get hurt (like last year) it will cripple the Preds. I could use some help in the goalie department, though.
September 12, 2007 3:32 PM ET | Delete
definately drop mike primodano. winnings important BUT NOT THAT IMPORTANT. either that or p/u chelios and maltby and go for most hated team
September 13, 2007 12:29 AM ET | Delete
Having fun is a part of winning...although it's also nice to couple that with a bunch of W's in column one. How tough is your commissioner? Excessive frivolity may be frowned upon...nah...just have fun.
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