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Scoreboard Troubles

Posted 9:52 PM ET | Comments 0
At this season's Predators games, the crowd at the Sommet Center has been treated to a fancy-schmancy new scoreboard. It looks great, but I've been noticing some serious issues with the new screen.

See if you can spot the problem:

No? Let's try it again. Here's another example:

That's right, due to sponsor ads on the scoreboard, at any given time the arena may be flooded with the colors of an opposing team.

I wonder how they are going to handle this? I mean, the Preds will be playing the Red Wings (suck) one night, and a big Dodge ad will flash on the screen, and suddenly Hasek and co. will feel right at home.

Something must be done, people.

I kinda wonder if they were addressing the issue when this happened during the Phoenix game:

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