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John Ferguson, (General Manager for the Toronto Maple Leafs), is in quite a bind.

He is sitting in the press box, watching the team he built, blow games night after night. He is watching his team fall to injuries, again! He is watching the coaching staff he has backed fail to bring the team he built to the point he thinks that they should be playing at.

Essentially, if things don't turn around fast for him, he's all but certainly done at the end of the year.

I personally, don't think he should last that long, and it is not for the same reason that everyone else wants him gone.

The reason I think he needs to be cut loose is that he is only going to try and strengthen the team for this year (as usual in Leaf Land), and that clearly is not working.

I wouldn't blame him in his efforts to save his job, but that is not what this organization needs.

It needs fresh, new, young talent. It needs prospects who pan out. It needs draft picks.

How do we get the aformentioned? Write off this year! Sure the Leafs are 6 points out of 6th place in a disgracefully poor Eastern conference. But the mediocrity in Toronto is becomming exhausting.

I can not fathom any circumstance (other than a straight up for Crosby or Ovechkin) where Ferguson would trade Sundin (an EXTREMELY valuabe playing chip at the deadline). Don't read that the wrong way, I'm not saying thats what the trade should be, but I really don't see Ferguson trading away, for all intensive purposes, his job, as Sundin is the only thing consistantly going well for Toronto this year.

With a few other players showing spots of great hockey, there are some trades that SHOULD be made to bolster the crop of youngsters this team has been missing for decades.

I would be very impressed if Fergy made any trades for the future of this organization. It would prove that he is a class act, moreso than most in the hockey world. But, I am not holding my breathe, as who honestly doesn't look out for themselves and their job, before anything else? If he is not going to do what is right, not just for "the now" of the organization, then he needs to be let go, so that the rebuilding can occur.

But then again, he will be let go even if he takes the route that does improve the future because that will innevitably lead to the Leafs not making the playoffs AGAIN.
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The reason I think he needs to be cut loose is that he is only going to try and strengthen the team for this year mobile diesel mechanic
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