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"Love the Game First, Avs Second"
Gillette, WY • United States • 29 Years Old • Male

"Musings From The Can"

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I have been an Avs fan since they moved to Denver. Growing up playing hockey I wanted nothing more than to be able to pull off any move that I saw Foppa do. I worked on my wrist shot and wondered how Joe Sakic did it so well. That entire time I was not able to go and see any of the games live. Wanted to, but never had the opportunity.

Then came the period of hockey dark ages that I had to deal with while I lived in Texas for four years of school. It was however great to have then beat the Stars in their own territory in the playoffs!

Then came college graduation and a new job closer to home. The first season I was back didn't offer any opportunities to see the game and the team I love live. My second year offered me 6 chances to go see the game.

I targeted teams that at the moment, and the NHL Schedule didn't allow to come to Denver very often. The first game I saw was the Avalanche playing the Penguins. I was four rows from the glass and all five goals that game were scored on my end. What a show, and Sid was Sick!!!! The Avs won that game, and looked pretty good doing it. They showed they did have some depth, and unfortunately due to injuries they would have to show that depth through the season.

In order of appearance here are the games I saw after that. Avs/Flyers, Avs/Rangers, Avs/Devils, and finally game three against the Wild. I was actually given the tickets to Wild game and got to sit next to the box where the scratched and injured players sit. I met Marek Svatos, Jordan Leopold, and Kyle Cumiskey that night. Great trip even with the loss. Leopold played the next game, and had a great impact.

All this said, would love to hear about anyone else's favorite experiences at their teams barn.
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