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"Love the Game First, Avs Second"
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I was on the road last night during the Avalanche/Blues game. It sounded like the Avs had more urgency in their game, but that is tough to tell just by listening on XM. Hopefully the effort was good. The only way there will be any movement in the standings for the Avs is to beat the teams that are behind them, and on par with them. They also have the tough task of beating teams that are the class of the conference if they have any post season aspirations.

Lappy is demonstrating why he is a wearing the A. He has scored two games in a row, and both have been in high traffic areas. Lappy is not an offensive force for this team by any means, but is doing what he and his line can do keep this team in games.

Smyth also got a goal, from his usual place in front of the net. He is willing to take so much punishment for a goal.

Tucker is now out for 4 weeks, and it wouldn't surprise me if it is longer than that. No new real updates on Foote, but I would expect it to be several weeks before he comes back. Sakic is back in the line up as well, but disappeared from the bench for a while. I am hoping the injury bug is not what closes out his career, not what we wanted for the superstar who has carried this team for years. Liles did not skate due to the flu, and I would expect him to be back for the next game.

Stastny seems to be a liitle quiet later, but I am learning that this may be fairly typical with him. He tends to go through stretches of time where he is scoring in gangbuster mode, and then there are other times when he disappears.

Tjarnquist scored as well. I am not very familiar with him, but I doubt this big of a game is the norm. Cumiskey also skated with the big club last night, and it was rumored he might get some duty as a wing. If that were ever the case he would easily be one of the fastest wings in the game. How many of you remember the Avs/Rangers game last year where he used his speed and made Colton Orr look stupid. I was 4 rows from the glass that game, and enjoyed watching Orr run straight into the boards, no hit, no pride left. The young guy just made you look stupid. With the injury bug hitting, don't be surprised if he stays.

Now, on to the rumor mill. I have now read in two places that Maxim Afinogenov is on the block, and the Avs are contenders for his services. The media has noticed that he and Lindy Ruff are not on speaking terms, and he has been demoted to the third line. He has a far better upside than where he is right now.

It is also known that the Sabres are in need of a transition game(Avs lack this as well). It will be a package of players if it happens. Arnason has been on the block for a while now, and he will be a part of any package. Look for Leopold to tossed around as well. With Clark wearing an A I doubt he will be part of it, but he is solid defensively, and can skate the puck out of the zone. Cumiskey could have been brought up to show his skating ability as well.

If I were going to pull the trigger it would have to be Arnason/Clark for Max. Maybe throw in a 4th rounder. We will see what happens.
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