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I am going to break from the usual analysis of games and try to have a good hockey conversation. I am going to ask a series of questions, all of them related to hockey. If any of you who read this can come up with a question that relates to this blog, ask it. What I would like to see is the hockey lore that we can come up with as a hockeybuzz fan base. Should be a lot of fun recalling memories of our favorite teams, favorite hockey moments, and favorite hockey movies.

1. Favorite Playoff Series?
Avalanche vs. Devils, 2001. All star series and went 7 games deep. Seeing Bourque raise the cup on th handoff from Sakic is also classic. Second would likely be the Flyers/Penguins series of two seasons ago with the Malkin, shorthanded slapper.

2. Favorite Hockey Movie?
Mystery Alaska.

3. Favorite patriotic hockey moment?
This has been a recent development with the resurgence of young players from the U.S. turning into stars in the NHL. Proud of this because I coach, even though i can't claim any credit, it feels good to see USA Hockey(modeled after Hockey Canada), growing and developing players.

4. All time favorite Player?
I will be a homer and admit that it is Joe Sakic. I worked many hours in my garage trying to perfect my wrist shot to shoot like Joe. Forsberg is a close second. I don't remember Gretzky during his glory days, or Lemieux.

5. Favorite Player currently playing?
So many exciting players out there, but I love play makers. Sidney Crosby is fun to watch, and by far when i saw him live he was more entertaining than any player on the ice. He thinks about the game on a different level than the other players and creates space to work with better than just about any player. Close second is A.O., and Mike Green. Duchene also could be a blast to watch in the near future.

6. If you could do one rule change, what would it be?
Intent to blow whistle.

7. Which conference is the most exciting to watch?
West is it's own breed, and I obviously get to watch more games of that style. However, the speed that the East currently has is a blast to watch.

Lets see how much hockey lore we can talk about.
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Favorite playoff series? Rangers v. Devils 1994 Eastern Conf. Finals. Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!All-Time Favorite Player? Mark Messier followed closely by Brian Leetch and Esa Tikkanen and Jeff Beukeboom.
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Favourite series would be any of the Detroit/Colorado bloodbaths in the late 90's. Patriotic moment has to be Salt Lake City Olympics- both golds against Team USA is hard to beat. I have two favourite all time players - Pavel Bure because of his speed and offensive ability and Scott Stevens for his punishing physicality. Favourite player playing right now AO. I'd get rid of the trapezoid and also no-touch icing should be in there.
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