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So the tank has been quite for a few days now leaving us all to wonder the status of the remaining Free Agents that many people feel are crucial in re-signing to the team. The NHLPA has Ehrhoff listed as being signed for next year, but nothing has been officially announced on any feed that I can think of, and I was left to question if it's true. But leave it to David Pollack to keep us all up-to-date on the latest rumbling out of San Jose!

Pollack is reporting that he too has seen the latest NHLPA listing on Ehrhoff being signed at $2.75 mill and expects an announcement to come within the next few day. Personally, I think that's a bit high, but I guess we have the Carle signing to thank for that. He also notes how the Sharks like to make such announcements in little mini-packages and expects to hear that Clowe has signed as well whenever it comes down. Hopefully, Clowe was more reasonable in how much he wanted a year and was more concerned with length allowing some wiggle room under the cap, but I have a feeling that some salary will have to be dumped still and I feel that makes McLaren the next to leave.

He was also reminded by a source from the team that just because Goc has filed for arbitration, doesn't mean that the parties will not come to an agreement before the actual hearing and still may come to terms prior to then. If they can reach an agreement for about 1 mill for 2 yrs, I'm fine with that, but I can't see him getting more than Pavelski.

Lastly.....for some reason, Semenov may not be out of the mix for next season. He had moments where he did well, but his faults by far out-weighed those, so I can't figure why they may keep him around. Who knows, maybe they just want an extra body around as a precaution, but they better not give him very much IMO.

Here's the original blog from Pollack:

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Thanks for ruining my morning saying Semenov might come back :( But I guess it's not your fault since Pollack said it first. A 3 year contract worth 9.3 million will be a cap hit of 3.1 million a year. That is a million dollars more than he should get. I hope the Clowe contract is a good one, as DW should have had him signed two weeks ago.
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