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"I'm a Shark out of Water in San Bernardino"
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There was an article on Tuesday on the Sharks site announcing that the Development Camp will be taking place for the next 5 days at Sharks Ice in San Jose. Unfortunate for us, the camp is closed to the media and the public, to allow for the guys to work without feeling judged.

McLellan will be there, but not on the ice. He will be observing and mentoring from a room above the rink giving him the best view in the place to get his first real look at the players he will potentially have to work with. The coaching will be handled by the scouting staff, with Marchment and Ricci assisting also, demanding that the players practice drills at the NHL caliber, and teaching them "Sharks" hockey.

I will keep an eye out for updates from Pollack, and whether he gets any info on what happens during Camp. If anything, maybe the team will give us a recap of what took place. I wish they did something like the Kings did and played a scrimmage, posting it online for all to see. That would have been awesome! Here's the link:


A small report from the Camp was released on the Sharks site Wednesday, but nothing major was reported, just some interesting quotes from the prospects:

"It's a lot of development," Mike Moore said. "It provides things to work on. They show us the right way to do things and it's up to us to do it more." The 23-year-old defenseman was signed as a free agent this year after being named Male Athlete of the Year at Princeton University.

"We're not here to be tourists," Lucia said. "We're here to get better."

"The facilities," Demers said, "are ridiculous."


Lastly, the big news!!! I wait a day and I miss a major release by Pollack! There is word in SJ that the new assistant coaches have been picked, but will not be named until the contracts have been signed, but expect to see more assistants than under RW. Yet Pollack is certain that Trent Yawney, a former Blackhawk's coach will be one of the people named. Also, there was a name leaked out of Detroit where a press website reported that the Red Wings video coach, Jay Woodcroft, may be joining McLellan in San Jose.

He also gives a little more information on the free agents that have been signed, but it's not much.

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And the elephant in the room is.....WHERE IN THE WORLD IS RYANE CLOWE??? :oDActually it's not funny really....Good blog as usual!
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You're the best CalSudRequinsFemme! Thanks for the update! Way to set the bar high for our other non year round Sharks Bloggers ;)
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excellent job once again.
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Thanks Everyone! I'm glad I can be of service :)
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