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"I'm a Shark out of Water in San Bernardino"
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I swear, I love David Pollack!! The man never quits working, and is always keeping us Sharks fans fed with information about the team that no one else seems to get!

First off, he suggests that there could be an announcement coming soon that Marc-Edward Vlassic will be receiving a contract extension before next July when he becomes a RFA. Getting him locked up before he hits the market in any way could be a wise move, if he lives up to his potential. I'm guessing we'll see something similar to the length offered to Ehrhoff, but not quite so much money.

He also notes that training camp may get pushed back a week. Rookies and prospects may show up the week prior to the start of camp, but do not expect to see the veterans around till Sept. 19.

Mclellan seems to want to do a little redecorating at his new practice facility. "Meanwhile, Coach Todd McLellan is getting things ready at the team's practice rink. There's furniture to be purchased and a little redesign work as well. McLellan is hoping to carve out space for a conference room where coaches can go over video with select players in a little less crowded setting."

Lastly, Pollack was able to get in touch with Clowe's to ask why it took so long to come to terms. "Here's what his agent, Paul Cobeil, had to say about the fact no contract was signed until months following a handshake agreement between Clowe and Doug Wilson in the GM's office. Cobeil pointed out that the handshake took place when Clowe was still in rehab. And having played only a handful of games, it was "tough for him to bring the numbers for a bigger contract." As for Clowe's decision to take a one-year deal, Cobeil said that made the most sense because he expected both the left wing and the team to have more success this coming season. "We will look to the future after next season," he explained."

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