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"I'm a Shark out of Water in San Bernardino"
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The other day I read somewhere, the idea that one of the reasons the Sharks have trouble getting over the hump, is because the fans boo them. Whether this is true of not, I can't tell you, but I can't imagine it feeling very good when the "home" crowd turns against you cause you can't seem to get things going. It adds another element of pressure when the 80 pound gorilla is already sitting on your back.

So I have a proposition for you: If you're going to game 5 at the tank, and feel the frustration setting in because, yet again, things aren't going their way, and the desire to boo welling up inside you, try this chant instead, "We Shall Overcome!" Let this be our mantra!!!

This year is not like last year! While they haven't dominated on the scoreboard or in wins, it's because of a series of bad breaks, or another case of a goalie playing out of his mind. This year, the effort is there! They are working their asses off on every shift, and controlling the pace for much of the games, but just can't get the hockey gods to do them a favor. I don't know who's pissed them off to where every bounces seems to favor the Avs, but instead of taking it out on the Sharks, let's rally around them!!

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your first line needs to drive to the net and finish. Until then, you're going to be in deep trouble
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What the Sharks need is more Joe Pavelskis, not Joe Thorntons. I think Joe P is the best player on the Sharks, not those pretenders that supposedly play on the first line. It's been 4 games and the vaunted top line has 0 goals.
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Oh no not an 80 pound gorilla
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Sharks fans do NOT boo their team just so you know...
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