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"I'm a Shark out of Water in San Bernardino"
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I know the title is dramatic, but this is a dramatic situation. So here it goes....

We'll start with a bit of a recap. IMO, the Blues have been the best test of the team so far. The way they clog the neutral zone and battle for pucks really forced the Sharks to fight for a victory in this one. I'm so happy Clowe is healthy and being the player we had knew he was capable of being, and doing it with consistency! And it's poetic that he was able to get the game winning goal in the SO! Blake actually had the first solid game, where he wasn't a liability defensively and actually produced a goal! I'm so pleased to see the team battling back from being down and coming up with wins!

And now the bad.

Evgeni Nabokov appeared to sustain a left knee injury on the final play of Thursday night's shootout, a 5-4 win over the very game St. Louis Blues. After remaining face down on the ice as teammates started to celebrate around him, the goalie eventually got to his feet with assistance and hobbled off the ice, finally walking alone down the narrow hallway to the locker room with a noticeable limp.

Minutes later, all that remained where Nabokov usually conducts his postgame interview was a trail of gear spread over a 10-foot swatch of the carpet, not assembled in its usual organized manner. No, this looked more like the act of someone tossing aside the gear as quickly as possible.

Nabokov was out of sight, obviously being tended to in the trainer's room, and San Jose head coach Todd McLellan really was in no mood for speculation.

"I haven't received an update, so that should put an end to all of those questions," the rookie bench boss said.


We're probably not talking about a Martin Brodeur injury here, but anyone with Brian Boucher on their fantasy team could get a little boost here in the next week or two. It would appear Nabokov sustained a twisted left knee, a strain or as much as possibly a sprain. Hey, don't expect any sympathy from Rick DiPietro - these shootouts can be goalie killers.


That's the most I've found so far, and it's not the most comforting of things to read.

I've seen the replay a number of times now, and I listened to the post-game wrap-up with Jamie Baker, and here are my thoughts. It didn't look like he made any unusual movements which would have caused an injury, but I know at times there is just a certain way one might move that is extremely uncomfortable and can cause some pain, or in this case an injury. As he left the ice, he didn't put much pressure on his left leg, and allowed the trainers to just kind of pull him over to the bench. He did however, walk unassisted (gingerly of course) down the hallway to the dressing room. Baker, sees that as a good sign that it's probably nothing tremendously serious (in terms of injury, not fan reaction), and to remember Bouch was brought in for exactly this reason. There will be cause to worry if we begin to hear rumblings about calling up Griess. I'm hoping he just kind of tweaked something, and that a few games off to rest up and heal, will be all that's necessary.
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November 7, 2008 7:49 AM ET | Delete
spell check is your friend
November 7, 2008 8:39 AM ET | Delete
Sounds like a typical ACL injury. Which would obviously be devastating.
November 7, 2008 2:33 PM ET | Delete
I was a tad flustered when I wrote this up, lol
November 7, 2008 3:23 PM ET | Delete
The update is that Griess is being called up (and I do understand the need), and that the injury is being called "Day-to-day lower body". I'm hoping that means a minor pull, or a slight hyper-extension that will keep him out for a week or 2 tops. My fingers are definitely crossed.
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